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Textures are fun

Hey PID-lerz... my friend and classmate has shown me alot of amazing things with photoshop that i wanted to share and hopefully get some quality opinions. So here are some SEAMLESS textures i created. enjoy!

This is a marble texture with i think 4 layers. one of the 1st things he showed me.

2 tone marble texture

Water. I have a saved acion that generated different water textures. I also have one for marble. they are black grayscale but I change the color variations to get what i want.

Nabula clouds... SEAMLESS! sorry.. i just think photoshop is awesome.

now for the nasty stuff. this is bloody chunky fat! hooray!

yummy scab

stomach lining

and finally slime.

If anyone wants to use these please let me know first. This is all new to me so it fascinates me and i'll post whatever new ones i create. BTW, did i mention they are all seamless? Click them to see the actual size.


Shalimar said...

Helloooo plastic wrap!

Alexandra said...

You're killing me with all these textures!

Jarold Guzman said...


Alexandra said...

Two examples of seamless textures would have sufficed lol

Jarold Guzman said...

well they're all diff :(