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Nifty BIC Ads!

Browsing my usual sites related to advertising, graphic design, and art, I came across these really interesting BIC Ads. The set of three uses beautifully executed drawings of three celebrities and their sterotype/counterpart visions with the tagline "Make your choice.".. Brilliant.

The illustrations were done by a great artist, Fabio Cortez. Oddly enough, I met Fabio and had a huge conversation with him at this year's "New York Comicon". We spoke about Art for a while, and his niche style drawings. He even drew me a picture that I'll have to find and scan in. Since then, he's also been doing illustrations for the new (and awesomely cool) trading card set, "Hollywood Zombies".


Jarold Guzman said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeeah! that's the kinda stuff i wanna see us do!

Chase said...

Wow, these are very sexy! I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, bic pens must be awesome if you can use them to draw like this!" It's so clever!

Alexandra said...

These illustrations are amazing! I can't believe you met this guy at Comic Con!!! AHHH this probably happened when we separated! Dammit, next year I am your left hip.