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Yankee Gal by Yankee Team

Amazing animated short. Had me hooked from beginning to end. The site it came from (motionographer) has a fun interview with the creators, so if your interested check that out too.

Yankee Gal from Yankee Team on Vimeo.

Yankee Gal by Yankee Team


In this last (but not final) installment, our lonely protagonist reveals a darker side of himself. He lets nothing stand in his way, not even a cute little turliphant. Determined to find the woman that haunts his memory, he struggles ever forward… but what lies in wait for him across the sand dune? And where are all those turliphants coming from? Find out when Alien Raver returns in mid-April with new installments!

In the meanwhile, I'll be posting sketches randomly that will feature new and old characters (such as in this previous post) appearing in the next installment or perhaps in a much more distant chapter?!… So stay tuned and thanks for reading!

As always, read from the beginning over at




Follow Up to Martín Ortíz

Still working on this, taking a few days break from it. To read more check it out here.



The pit-moshing, doo-wopping and air-guitaring as-of-yet-nameless protagonist of my comic Alien Raver.


Work in Progress: Martin Ortíz

Martin Ortíz, a portrait I am currently working on for my Mom. This is the sketch and the illustration in progress. Medium: Acrylic Ink

WTF Wolverine #3


'Aquarium' Cover

A new addition to the slowly growing work on 'The Aquarium', my Work in progress graphic novel.

Paula Scher Gets Serious

A very fun lecture by one of my favorite humans.


An Ugly Weekend

This weekend, I spent my time painting & experimenting with these acrylic inks I bought last week. It was definitely fun and I am looking forward to pushing the experiments further. You can see more of these on my blog.


Swimming With Cnidaria

Getting back into the etching groove. This print was made just using aquatint and although this was just a test plate, I think I am going to try and incorporate this technique into my future work. I especially like the ghost images in the background. For some fun examples of aquatints, I refer you to Francisco Goya.


Experiments with foxes

I re-worked these sketches last night while at work. I like this direction, and might apply similar, surrealist-ish elements in a series of etchings I am currently working on. I have a few more sketches in my moleskine that need finishing touches (including a neglected family portrait), so I'll be adding those shortly!


Uglies in Purgatory

I've been posting mini previews of what I've been working on for the past few weeks. I have finished the next stage of the process with the drawing, and I am now at a kind of stand still. I will be making copies of the drawing and experimenting on them with different mediums and ideas. My original goal was to draw a similar design on a skateboard deck, and it still might go in that direction. For now I just want to focus on finishing this drawing.


Artist Spotlight: Yuko Shimizu

Originally working in PR for a big corporation in Tokyo, Yuko Shimizu decided she was not happy working in the advertising/marketing industry and ran away to New York to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts. I was made aware of her work a few years ago, but I recently ran into her website again and decided to bookmark it to death so I am never without it. I love the fluidity in her work, the way your eye moves around her composition. Her subject matter is quite bizzare yet makes a strong point and keeps your hooked. It's the kinda thing I aspire to create in my own work. Here is a small sample of her work:


Keep up with the perplexing world of Alien Raver by reading from the beginning here. Another short but sweet installment this week, our friend has suffered quite the setback. What will he do next, and what the hell is that thing? Stay tuned!

New ALIEN RAVER every Tuesday!


Old Dreams

In a fit of insanity I submitted one of my drawings to
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I know I'm being annoying.


Dr. Manhattan

Alex, Monica and I spent a fancy amount of clams at this years NY Comic Con. And I will blame about 50% of that on Alex Pardee and his amazing Dr. Manhattan print.




Personally, I blame time for moving forward so goddamn fast. This just means next week's installment will kick everyone in the forehead with goodness. In the meanwhile, keep up with Alien Raver by reading from the beginning over at