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Jillian Tamaki is one of my favorite contemporary illustrators. I check her sketchblog almost everyday, hoping for some of her creativity and talent to rub off on me (to no avail). Her brushwork faithfully captures her subject's emotional state while giving the composition itself a sense of dynamism. Not only that, she has this amazing ability to tell a story within a single image. And her amazing storytelling powers extend beyond the realm of editorial illustration! In 2008, her graphic novel Skim won the coveted Ignatz Award for Best Graphic Novel. Here is a small sampling of her work:

More information on her novel Skim and other comic endeavors can be found on her portfolio site.


Life Drawing Session

I managed to finally attend a life drawing class at SVA. I can't wait until March is over: I'm always exhausted and never seem to have time to work on anything personal. Just a few more days…


Tropicana's Nubbin!

Nothing like a cherry to top off your sundae....for those of us who dearly adored the Tropicana campaign, let's not forget its humor. A nice tall glass of OJ topped off with a basketball-shaped cap. Don't fix something that ain't broke!

Summer Heimdall

It's been a long and busy month. Haven't been able to put out as many Alien Raver sketches as I originally intended, but I will try to make it up to everyone by drawing like a madwoman in April! I present to you a new character: Summer Heimdall. She will be appearing in the next few pages. Although I don't want to give up too much information, I'll tell you this: Her name foreshadows her significance within the story and you've briefly seen a version of her in the beginning of the comic. Confused yet? Well, the answers will be here soon!

More sketches to come in the following weeks until Alien Raver's triumphant return.


The Old Man and The Sea

Last week I was able to pull a half dozen prints of Remus (left) and Sea Jellies (right) before school closed for spring break. After all the unexpected enthusiasm for the Sea Jellies print, I've decided to start selling them! They go for $40 each, printed on Archies white paper and are around 6x9 inches (paper size 11x15 inches). Email me at if you're interesting in purchasing one!



Our resident MySpace wrangler - Alex has simplified our myspace page. Less is more I always say. So if you like go ahead and add us as your friend. I've also gone ahead and updated my profile. Not that I really check it anymore.


WIP: Martín Ortíz pt 2

Check out the latest work in progress shots of the portrait I am working on. here.


Learn Snacklish!

It's been a long time since I've seen a clever campaign. Pepsi failed at rebranding with their new logo and lettering splattered all over NYC and Tropicana was quite frankly, an epic fail. Then along comes Snickers. A clever campaign that takes the iconic Snickers logo to a whole new level; leveraging its brand and logo by creating its own language: Snacklish. But not any brand can do this; Snickers is well known. Enough so, that Snickers doesn't even need to place its name on the ads....consumers just know it's Snickers. They recognize the classic Red, White and Blue Chocolately logo (American shout out anyone?). So we here at PID salute you, Snickers, (American pun intended) on a great job; you gave us hope that there are still intelligent creatives out there!


It begins...

The final stage of Snapple's redesign is taking hold.


Wrong typography

West Houston's sign is using the wrong font and it looks like the
"designer" stretched it to compensate.




Finished him tonight, you can see more of him on my website.

WIP Cornelius