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PID Stats

Here's what this week looked like for our stats:

[PID Analytics PDF]

It's pretty clear that about 90+% of our visits are from members of the blog. Which is fine....the numbers aren't weak. But if we're looking to get a readership, we need to pimp the blog more heavily, and maybe even create posts that have a wider appeal.


Ernesto said...

wow, didn't REALLY know you could do that.

word to pimpin' in the active sense and having wider appeal. I'll try to do more of it.

In some ways the work should speak for itself.

Alexandra said...

I changed the settings for the comments, allowing anyone to comment. Let's see if we can get other people visiting the site to comment. If we get too much yucky spam, then we'll go back to Blogger users only. But now with our pimpin' myspace page, we might get more traffic! ::bounces::