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I have been meaning to post about this as soon as I found out, but I haven't been on my computer. Luckily, I did not forget about it. Turns out that Disney is going to be releasing animated shorts again, thanks to John Lasseter, the creative director at both Pixar and Disney Animation Studios. According to the article I read, the director for each short can pick and choose whether their film will be animated traditionally or in CG. The first short that is going to be released is called How to Hook Up Your Home Theater, featuring the lovable Goofy and a confusing assortment of color wires and electronic equipment. It was also announced that there will be a return to traditionally crafted feature animation, starting with a film called The Frog Princess.

If any of you guys are old-school Disney aficionados, you can read the online article here.

And yes, Paul, I copy-pasted this from my other blog. :-P


Design Matters

Hello All,
I just wanted to share something with you guys today. One of my professors, which I have most likley mentioned many times already, Debbie Millman, (who is president of Sterling Brands) has a radio show, called Design Matters. I recently subscribed to the podcast, and found that its a very interesting and inspiring show (sometimes the sound quality lacks a bit.) Besides that, she has on some very well known designers as guests such as Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, the list goes on, and they talk about all kinds of fun design things. So if your bored and just want to listen to some inspiring artists talk, subscribed to it.



Senior Portfolio (Long Post)

So, as already made clear by Shalimar both here and on MySpace- our portfolio crazyness is over with– essentially ending our senior year. Now that we've handed them in, and gotten them back all graded, I figured I would share with you the book I created. Most of my senior design work is represented in here...from a handful of classes. What isn't in the book is my Motion Graphics Portfolio projects (all of which are posted earlier in the blog). I spent about a month designing the book, and a solid week printing and assembling it (Printing it took 8 solid hours...but it was worth it, the quality is amazing if I do say so, myself).

This thing got a "10+++" by my teacher and Richard Wilde, the head of the design department. To the best of my knowledge, that's the highest grade possible :-)

Below you can see every spread as JPEGs. If you'd prefer, I also have a PDF here and a crappy QuickTime flip through here.


Save the Queen?

Put this together to play around with some design elements. I was really inspired by the great book jacket designs in the recent 'HOW' Magazine, and wanted to take a concept and do a simple design.



From Time to time, I like taking a film that hasn't come out, and make a movie poster for it. It gives me some good practice, and keeps the things I learned working at my old job intact. So below is a poster concept I threw together for "Resident Evil: Extinction"..

FreedomLess One-Sheet

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to post an image of a new project I just finished. It's the one-sheet for a film that will be debuting at the Tribecca Film Festival, entitled "FreedomLess". The film covers various instances of Domestic Violence, and has gained backing from a pleuthora of Spaniard Actors/Actresses as well as American Actors/Actresses such as: Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz, Anthony Rapp, Eva Mendes, Parker Posey, and a bunch more. The film's official premiere will be later this month and will then move onto it's run in Spanish Cinemas.

In terms of design, I was really excited by the project and really wanted to make something that was strong, gave the message, and was iconic. I did my research on many film posters of the 60's and 70's that dealt with the portrayel of strong women messages. I knew i wanted to stay away from featuring any actors, as the film isnt meant to star sell anyone. I wanted to include a sense of the woman, and thought showing a bruised back would be the best way to get that delicate pain across to the viewer. And although I went through many variations of the logo, this one always kept popping out to me. To me, the movie's message to women is that there are in fact NOT "FreedomLess", so i threw in the cross out line as a signification of that. I also wanted to make sure that although about a harsh subject, that beauty was still present in the visual as the film wanted to protray a sense of that. All in all, I'm happy with the end result.

So here it is:

AND! I saw that they posted the poster on IMP Awards this morning! Which made me collapse a little bit, as it's my favorite site ever! :) it's on the main page but Here's the direct link:

AH... done