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This morning, on my trek through the city in the dark and dreary rain, I listened to the one thing that could distract me from the miserable weather and city hustle and bustle. No, it's not a Madoodoo song, or 'Fergalicious'.. It was yet again, the little gem that has been keeping me going the past month or so, 'Design Matters'. On this particular show, Debbie interviewed the creative director for the New York Times Magazine and all of it's subsequent spin-offs, Janet Froelich. This was yet again, an incredibly inspiring and relatable interview and I continue to stay strong on my support of this show.

I know I'm constantly posting about it, but I sincerely think that I should post these designers/issues/ topic discussions and hopefully grow together as a group and have some different takes and progressions on them. Hopefully you like it all.
Below I've posted some of the work that Janet has done for the 'New York Times Magazine'. It's some really stunning, forward moving design that I'm glad to see being published by such a prominent Newspaper.

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