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Poster Challene the Sequel

Bored. So I made two more posters! There are pretty stylized, but... whatever. They were fun to make.


Paul said...

Patterns, meet shalimar.

Groovy stuff.

Chase said...

My favorite is the light gernades. The colors and explosive rays behind it look very cool. The light bulb almost looks radioactive though with the green haha

The other poster gets me dizzy and makes me feel like I'm living in a stark raving sick sad little world... ;-P

Alexandra said...

These puppies finally loaded for me. Nice job! I wuv them.

saMONESKE said...

Hey there they look sick the sick sad little world one is the bomb the guitarist fro reminds me of jimihendrix and yeah its a bit sychadelic gotta love everything incubus tho.. also I WANT ONE HOW MUCH HAHAHA