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I've been working on a series of sculptures that I want to present in an installation in the future as a piece. Here is my first complete one.. This piece takes the lack of life (the mediums used were tape, wire, newspaper and glue) and attempts to create the idea of life and form. It doesnt ignore it's construct, but revels in it, creating an almost burnt cadaver feel while giving the viewer a sense of the female body. let me know what you think.



So, no one seemed enthused about the challenge i posted, and in retrospect I feel it kinda SOOOOO..
I've changed the idea.. it's equally as open and equally as personal taste/ability based.

The revise is that we'll be creating a piece of art, which can be made of any medium you'd like (fine art, digital, sculpture, vector, photography), including three of your life inspirations. need some elaborating? The challenge is to create an entire composition of visual art containing in some form, three individuals that have inspired your life and your art form. These individuals can be music artists, fine artists, parents, actors.. as long as they are true inspiration to you and with reason to your art.

The pieces can be posted at your own time, whenever you'd like, but need to be completed by DECEMBER 15th. So there's a bit more of a limit on this one.

Tell me what you think, I think it works better and further stays on a more personal, interesting level.




I'd like to defend my "honor" here and say that you all broke the first rule of my challenge by posting before the due date. At that point in time, the challenge was null and void, so I did not have to post. HA! Try disputing that logic!!! I DARE YOUUUUU ::falls off chair::

Oh yeah, and I am lazy.



Just wanted to say that everyone's contributions were uber cool (except challenge leader Alex, who forgot her own challenge haha!).. But, now it's time for someone to start a new one, and i thought i'd take initiative. This challenge idea is a little less specific, so enjoy!


So for this challenge, I want everyone to take any breed of dog of your choice. (ie. pitbull, shitzu, bulldog, pomeranian,etc). I want you to take the breed of dog and create an AD around that dog. It could be any type of AD, advertising just about anything you can think up. But be clever about the idea, and dont go for too obvious a choice (such as an AD about dog food). I'm leaving this challenge a little more up to the imagination and a little more about the concept. So your stylistic choice is your own, so run with it dawgs (haha, i made a funny)..erm..

So let the challenge begin!!


For Shame

Shame On those of you (Alex) who did not finish the challenge (Alex). For Shame (Alex). :-P



Motion Graphics at SVA

My professor and a handful of volunteers created a 7 minute video as a sort of 'advertisement' for motion graphics here at SVA. This same group awarded me a senior-year scholarship for my work in motion graphics last year. Alas, none of my work is featured in this video :-) NO hard feelings, though.

Give it a watch:


All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

So I found something I can post while I try to draw something really quick. I must remind you that I suck at taking digital pictures of 2d objects lol and since these are line drawings, it's basically a mess. But it will have to do. I don't have time to outline them in PS or Illustrator. So take them as they are.

These are four excerpted pages from a short comic I did in class... rather, when I was in school lol. It's based on a chapter from Fyodor Dostoevsky's"Notes From The Underground" (I think that's what it is, I can't find the photocopies I took of the book). Fyodor has been sent to prison in Siberia, and he has a flashback to an instance in his childhood.



OK, so I've been posting, but blogger keeps deleting me. (I hate you too, Blogger)...

The other night, I was up until 7am, which was no fun...but I got this cool picture outside the window:

And why was I awake? Because I was drawing a chicken nugget...

The Plight of the Escaping Nugget

And finally, I got to meet Nellie McKay last week at her Album Release Party and gave her this poster:

There. That should be that. Don't DELETE ME BLOGGER.

Like Us, But Better

I found this blog, that was on HOW magazines top 10 links.

Its a blog similar to ours but much better. For a few reasons, they have a nice design, they have better artists and they post more often, or at least it seems that way.

Only a few of the members of this blog really post often, and there are some that don't. Thats ok, I just want to encourage, those who have a few minutes, to go ahead and post something.

I am going to try and see if I can come up with a design. I have been playing with the template, but I have to code everything manually, which sucks. So I'll let you know when I have something to show.



More Drawings

Some more drawings and paintings that I did in the big book.

And this I did in drawing class the other day when I got frustrated that I couldn't draw the figure well. So i started scribbling all over it. And I kind of like the result.


This Guy does those famous steve madden ads and the yellow tail ads. But, more impressive to me I think are his 'journals.' Check em out.



American Psych

I bought this book for a dollar at the strand. Its a big book, called the American Handbook of Psychology. I am going to try and paint or draw in it everyday. This is to ad to my 14 other sketch books. :-P

Heres the first one. This drawing is a Rodin sculpture that i sketched the other day at the met. I want to start going to the met at least once a month and just drawing and stuff. Best time is Saturday after 6. Not that many people.


Kevin Federline... The Artist

Considering this is an Art Blog, I figure, we should pay respect to all "artists"

So in that regard, I'd like you all to read this article, and please try not to laugh...

Britney Spears Goes Incognito to Kevin's Party

Britney Spears made sure not to steal the spotlight from husband Kevin Federline as he celebrated the release of his debut album, Playing With Fire, on Tuesday.

Spears donned a pink wig and oversized white sunglasses at the after-party in Hollywood, where she blended in perfectly with the Halloween night revelers, the rapper's rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Earlier in the evening, Federline performed his song "Privilege" on L.A.'s KIIS 102.7 FM stage at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval to kick off his promotional tour. But before going onstage, he admitted that the demands of his fledging career mean he's spending less time with his family – but, he says, his pop star wife is understanding.

"She's really supportive of what I'm doing, she knows I've been working on this for a long time," Federline told PEOPLE. "It's going to be tough because I'm not going to see my family as much as I want to, but I mean, those are the sacrifices you make as an artist."

Spears is busy taking off the baby weight, and has been especially supportive of his CD promotion, Federline said. "She's good, man. She's getting back in shape. Hopefully she'll come meet up with me tonight over at my album release party," he told PEOPLE before the event.

Though there have been reports that Federline's concerts have suffered from low ticket sales, the rapper says he's not expecting to sell out stadium shows like his megastar wife.

"I don't care if it's a room full of nine, five, nine people. I don't care if there's one person. I'll perform for you," he said. "I'm a rookie artist, you can't expect because of my name to sell out a show. People don't know me as Kevin Federline, the artist. They know me as Kevin Federline, the dude that's married to Britney Spears."

He added, "Eventually that will change. Once I start building up, doing events like this, showing crowds of people that I can get them turned on and hype, that's what I do."

Granted, he said, that may take time, but "it's all worth it. This is like my pet project. I've been working on it for a year and a half. Just to put it out there and not do anything about it would not be acceptable to me. … I'm just another artist that's having to pay his dues."

Ok, I lied, I hope you laughed... because i did.