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Transformations: WIllow

I Scream, You Scream...

We all scream for non-fat tofuti rice-screamcicle. Ok, dorky X-Files quote. :-D

New Desktop! Click to download full size.


New Sketches


Briefcase of Destinations

Something I did at work that didn't make the cut. So Poo.
I thought it was kinda fun.


Up & Coming Artist: Danny Gomez

Ok. He is only 6, and he is my little brother, and I admit to have the proud older sister complex going on here. But he did some drawings today that blew my mind, and I am willing to make a bet that he will end up some sort of artist when he grows up.

Here is his batman drawing. He has had the Bat symbol down to a science since he was about 3 or 4. My favorite part of this though, is of course the lettering on the top. So much attention to detail and if you look closely, he drew bats inside some of the letters.

And this. He did the 30 days of night logo and a scary vampire thing! Off the top of his head.

Here is his take on the superman returns poster

And this just blew me away. I had no idea what it is he drew, and I asked him, he said it was the cable company. Then I think I peed myself a little bit.

He drew a logo! Again off the top of his head. We then went to McDonalds and he was staring at the golden arches on the french fries and i asked him what he was looking at and he said the M and that he liked it.

Kids gunna be some sort of awesomeness, I'm taking him to ComicCon tomorrow for kids day. I cant wait to see how he reacts to all the awesomeness.

Ok I'm done. :-D



NYCC: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Unvelied at the New York Comic-con, the new Jo-Chen created cover for Buffy the Vampire Slayer's upcoming arc.

Brand Creation: Lumix Cameras

Every year, in the AD world, a large number of Account Managers and Client Based AD agency employees come together to create work on building a brand from the ground up. People from all different agencies are randomly placed into groups and have to work on Mission Statements, Brand Books, Taglines, Campaign Strategies, Ads, Creative, and everything under the sun related to the brand they are given to strategize.

One of my co-workers, who I might add is the loveliest person ever, asked me to work on this project as the creative director and aid in putting together some rough ideas of the campaign strategies. The Brand was Panasonic's new line of Lumix DS Cameras. So following the base that they decided upon, I created a campaign from scratch in ONE WEEK's time.. and nearly died in the process. I've had to create a brand book, a print campaign, a brand website, a contest landing page, and web banners in rich media. All of this in one week, staying late nights, and working on everything i've had to do for my real job has seriously made me a bit batty as of today.. But i've survived and we're almost done.

Below is a rough rundown of the Brand site and the print ads. The brand site will be a fully interactive site that plays on the "Your World, Your View" tagline and creates a series of interactive world for the viewer. The worlds will have sound corresponding to their respective ideas, and will have sway capabilities when the mouse is rolled over (For instance, the hanging photos will begin to sway if the mouse hits them). Hopefully it comes off clear. If not, i'll find time later to further elaborate..


Great New Poster!


Piña Colored Walls

Another unused option at work. These are fun to work on though. 



Two fun motion graphics spots by Director Morten Vinther and studio Piranha Bar.

via Motionographer.


New Work Up

Recent sketches as well as my thesis film and demo reel have been uploaded. I should have new illustrations up in a few weeks (I need to take really good pictures for several of them, as they are too big for my scanner). That is all.

Pineapple Upside Cake

Made it for something at work, but the idea fell through. 





I am trying to flesh out all my Wizard of Oz pieces on my moleskin before transferring them onto good paper. This particular to-be illustration is when Dorothy runs into the Munchkins upon landing in Oz, and the red ruby shoes magically appear on her footsies. I hope to post the finished sketch soon…

Here are the other two in the WOZ series...
Poppy Fields and The Winged Monkeys


Bjork: Wanderlust Video

Okay, so someone at work sent this to some of us last night, and in true Bjork fashion, this video is frakkin amazing! I was enthralled to no end with it's beauty, style, narrative, and production. I urge all of you to take a look at this video in full and experience it. It's quite possibly (aside from 'All is full of Love') my favorite Bjork Video and definetly contends with any of my other favorite videos ever created. I'm including a few different formats in this post. Below is the youtube version, but the link to the high quality (a must see to see all of the detail) is directly below, followed by the making-of video.




Making of:


Hi-Rez goodness

In case anybody wants to see... (which they might not)

Helvetica Sex

Awesome screen saver, I installed it at work and now here at home.

Via Speak Up

Download it here

New Sketches

good show this Saturday

come out to Brooklyn, I'd love to see y'all. Come out early and we'll catch a bite afterwards?

Evolutionary Arts: Frank Quitely

Comic Book Resources has a really in-depth and interesting interview with one of my favorite comic book artists, Frank Quitely, who's currently working with the talented Grant Morrison on 'All-Star Superman' (The logo of which was created by the love of my life, Chip Kidd).

Scroll below to see the evolution of this guy's work over his various titles and catch a couple of excerpts from the interview about his schooling and his approach.

From the Interview:

Your people don’t look like most other comic book characters.

On my figures, they’re not particularly accurate, but it just so happens that for all that you lose in realism or accuracy, when you’re drawing from your imagination rather than from photo reference, I think that you actually gain something. I think what you lose in realism, you gain in something else. Sometimes when you look at the work of a comic artist who use a lot of photo reference, it can be very convincing but it’s very convincing in a very slightly false way. Where when you look at the work of an artist who does everything from their imaginations, it’s not nearly as real looking, but it seems more real because everything looks the same. You know the way when you’re reading “Preacher,” Steve Dillon draws -- I’m sure that he sometimes uses photo reference if he has to do a specific type of truck or a specific type of motorbike or whatever -- Steve Dillon tends to draw people and cows and motorbikes and cities just from his imagination, and everything has a very slight simplicity to it, but you believe it because it all looks the same environment, like it came from the same place. The same way that we’re watching “The Simpsons,” because it’s being done in the same style it all fits together. Some people do use photo reference very, very well. I suppose a prime example would be Alex Ross. What he does with photo reference is very, very impressive and he takes it to an absolute limit where he’s actually trying to make it look as real as possible in a very everyday way. Most of what Moebius does doesn’t involve any photo reference at all, and it’s very real as well, in a completely different way. Getting back to your question of how I would describe my style, I don’t know… I tend to use as little photo reference as possible.

What type of criticism would your art teacher giveyou when you were in school?

Yeah. When I was in art school, obviously a couple times a week there were life drawing classes where there would be a nude model posed in the center of the studio and we would all be standing around or sitting around with our easels or drawing boards either doing detailed laborious sketches or detailed drawings of the figure in front of us, or lots and lots of simple sketches. Obviously that helped with getting to know the human figure. When I was younger I used to copy right out of books with art from Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, two of my favorites for copying, which again gave me a slightly different thing; and I also had those how-to-draw books when I was younger where you start with a stick figure and then you built up to kind of oval to the head, oval for the ribcage, and oval for the pelvis and then you rough the shape muscles around it and you bring a figure to life that way. It’s a method to drawing a figure from your imagination; you don’t need to have something to copy. I have a method for drawing the human figure without having any reference to look at, and sometimes it works better than other times and it works for some readers better than it works for others. There are some people who really like my approach to drawing comics, and there are other people who really don’t.

Catch the rest HERE.


Homeless & Printed

Mono-print from my printing class.