Partners In Design



we should get together and discuss PID.....I want you folks to consider a possible future as an entity and what potential for success y'all have. I know everyone has a path they follow, but PID is establishing a good character that promotes damn good expression... and we should make a book.

here are links to the industry I'm in for some reference about egographics, my company which Shal busted out a fearsome logo for.

the first one is where I worked from July1997 till March2007.

Showman Fabricators

Chicago Scenic Studios

Project Inc.

David Stark Design

Clickspring Design

Production Design Group aka Jack Morton

aaaaaand here's more drawings with some photos.

the wheels are turning..........


Alexandra said...

We are way ahead of you there... we are putting together a book!

Ernesto said...

I want in, if it's not too late. Now that I recall, that's what your photo shoot was for, duh.

Jarold Guzman said...

i think that's a great idea