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'Broads' Issue 1

One of a series of 4 created for an upcoming art show :)

Sketchbook Update


Whistle While You Work

Doodles I drew while bored at work.

Sketch Book Update

I decided today to scan and post my sketches that have been festering in my sketch book. Alot of it is just random doodles and ideas that I do during my idle time at work, which usually isnt much.


I Believe In The Dark Knight

Wow. I am positively obsessed with The Dark Knight. Everyone gave amazing performances, the storytelling was grade-A, and the pacing gave me an adrenaline rush that had me shaking the entire time. I've seen it twice already this weekend, and I can't wait till I go watch it again. It's the best superhero movie I've seen yet, and one of the best films of the year (alongside Wall•E). To commemorate this epic film and my obsession with it, here are some of my favorite Batman posters.


sitting bull and custer part deux

La Ola 'Artist Mythology' Show

Several Hudson County artists come together to share their mythologies. Featuring the work of Alexandra Beguez and Laz Marquez. Opening reception will be on July 23rd at Park Ave. Bar and Grill in Union City from 7pm to 11pm. Visit for more information.

Poster design by Laz Marquez


Best Sign Ever




My Very Own Artist Spotlight at Skineart

I recently joined a moleskine-enthusiast blog called, and they have featured my interview and additional art in their 'Artist Spotlight' for the week! Check out my interview here: