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I'm such a pimp

We're making book covers. Wanna see? No? Tooooooo bad.

Now read Shalimar's post below mine. It's long.

Portfolio Idea Change

Portfolio Idea Revision

I love movies, and I love movie posters, so what I wanted to do for a piece in my 2007 Portfolio, was to pick 10 movies, and redesign the movie posters, and design a book around the posters and the process I went through.

But lately I have had reservations about the idea, being bored and uninspired by it. So, I have been totally neglecting the project, and now I'm about 3 or 4 weeks behind. Thats what happens when you have a teacher that lets you do whatever you want. It is now halfway through the first semester and I have nothing to show for it.

I was on the L today, waiting for it to start moving, and reading HOW Magazine. Now, I am not sure what I was reading that made this Idea pop into my head, but it did. Of course, what I thought of is going to be way more challenging than my original idea, but more interesting as a portfolio piece and versatile as well. And since my teacher is so flexible, I don't have to finish it by the end of the semester.

I want to take the Movie Poster Idea, and rip it out of its context. From start to finish. Make sense? No? Ok, let me be more specific.

Every movie evokes a specific emotion and has certain visual elements that make it consistent and cohesive as a film, as a story. What I want to do, is take those elements and feelings out of the movie, and bring them into pieces of design.

For example; Desperado, I had made a movie poster for it, thats all fine and dandy. But, what if, instead of a movie poster, I made a poster promoting a singer, or a musical group called Desperado. In the movie, there is the idea of the Mariachi, Revenge, and Love. I take those Ideas, plus some visual elements, such as a guitar and/ or a gun, and create a promotional poster for Desperado.

Another example would be the movie Quills, great movie (read a short plot summary here) And I can take the visual elements from that movie, such as 'writing in blood' and create a piece using that. I can do some package design, and package actual quills and a little ink jar with 'blood' instead of Ink, and sell the idea of the movie like that.

What I hope to accomplish, is to take 10 different movies, and take the idea of the movie out of movie land and bring it into design, Packaging, Postcards, Business Cards (A whole Identity), a Brochure, a magazine, a logo, a bag, a book (of-course I don't have to design a whole book, just come up with a basic idea and a few pages.)

Then from those 10 separate pieces, I can make a book showcasing them, explaining why I use movies as my central theme. The fact that movies give you so much to work with, and can bring the whole piece together.

It sounds so much more complicated than it does in my head, anyway, please let me know what you think, and I am open to suggestions. I know it is a little late to go back to the drawing board. But, I have to. Designing 10 posters is too boring, and it doesn't show my flexibility as a designer. So don't try and talk me out of it, I don't think I can take that sort of criticism this late, hehe, but i am open to suggestions to make the idea better!




Charcoal and acrylic on kraft paper and measures about 7.5 feet by 4 feet. (see more on

New work from Elbow-Toe, I got this from the wooster blog, I think this is an AMAZING drawing, I love his work. I saw some of it in person a few months ago when I went to the Rockaway Armada Art Auction. This Particular Piece is somewhere in Brooklyn, maybe ill find it one day. Its very inspiring.


so i've noticed no one's been posting as much lately. actually i've been the least consistent poster lately so i'll try to make sumthin worth while in the last few days in my militarty career. (4 days left after 5 yrs if n e 1 is counting) but if it helps i did draw yet another tattoo for a guy who's already got 6 pieces of my art permanently tattoo'd on him. i forgot to make a copy so i could fax it. n e who, i'm not gonna post again til i got sumthin 100% worth postin.



so I been busy

I gotta try and balance making art and music as art. It's not how I make my $$$ yet, but it's a longterm goal (I've been into those lately). Got a show on Friday and regular subway gigs, here's some of the poop I pump out. And last month we were on Fuji TV in Japan for a documentary called "New York City Blues" which focused on 3 Subway musicians. That was a bizarre ordeal. go figure.
Oh, try to make it out this Friday.


The Met

drawn with pen and ink


Tee Hee

Bored in Class

I doodled this in class the other day, thought it looked kinda cool.

They Actually Did this!

Info from Sony's out with a new commercial for Bravia. Like the bouncing balls, we like this one a lot... Their website says that to shoot the spot it took.... 70,000 litres of paint, 358 single bottle bombs, 33 sextuple air cluster bombs, 22 Triple hung cluster bombs, 268 mortars, 33 Triple Mortars, 22 Double mortars, 358 meters of weld, 330 meters of steel pipe, 57 km of copper wire.


New Website Design!

After a gazillion years of not touching my website's design, I finally felt i should. I used some tutorials and templates as reference for it, as it is flash and im flash illiterate. But I'm happy with how it came out. Here's the link:



Sorry Alex,everyone's already done it.. so im jumping off the bridge too... I was uber limited to my choices of mediums, so here's the best schiele i could do. :) hope you enjoy..


Drunken Leg Drawings

So, my roommate Melinda and I got pretty drunk... yes on a tuesday night. Haters. And we began to talk and I began to draw on her. We got into this deep meaningful conversation about life, love and friendship, and before i knew it, i covered her leg in marker. Now that I am sobering up, this was the result...

October Screenshot

Red Stripe!

Also, this was a screenshot from a few days ago:

If you look closely, I'm running both Mac OS X and Windows XP at the same time, on the same computer. Each OS is using one 20" screen...I just decided to have their desktop backgrounds match up.


Totally Inspiring

Another video I found on wooster, go check it out, they have some cool videos and paintings up today.



damn jarold erased his post, that makes me and paul suckers. Oh Well!

Who the hell is egon?

I can't paint. I don't read comics. And I don't know who this Egon guy is. Thus, the result:

Egon Scheile

Since Jarold already f'd up, and there is no turning back, and i have no patience for anything, and I run this blog... I will post my finished challenge, because a month is a rediculous amount of time, that doesnt exsist... and because i can!
Anyway... its not totally egon, but its fun. I made it in painter and photoshop. It was fun, can't wait for the next challange.

Battle of the Bands

So fun, Courtesy of


Sketches, hurrah.

Here's some stuff I have sketched recently:


Blogger SAT's

So, is it me, or are these little word verification things getting way to hard. I really had to concentrate on this one.



hey everyone! incubus a.k.a. the greatest band ever released their first single for the upcoming cd "LIGHT GRENADES". here are the lyrics to anyone who's interested.

A cloud hangs over,
it's a city by the sea,
I watch the ships pass and wonder if she might be,
out there and sober as a well for loneliness,
please due persist girl its time we met and made, a mess

I picture your face in the back of my eyes,
a fire in the attic a proof of prize,
Anna Molly, Anna Molly, Anna Molly... DOO DOO DOO DOO do DOO DOO DOO DOO do

A cloud hangs over,
and mutes my happiness,
a thousand ships couldnt send me back from distress,
wish you were here,
I'm a wounded satellite,
I need you now put me back together make me right

I picture your face in the back of my eyes a fire in the attic a proof of prize,
Anna Molly, Anna Molly, Anna Molly,
I'll crawl to your name,
I'll bend to the earth,
nobody else will ever compare,
Anna Molly, Anna Molly

Wait there is a light,
there is a fire illuminated attic,
fate or something better I could care less,
just stay with me a while,
wait there is a light there is a fire defragmenting the attic,
fate or something better I could care less,
just stay with me a while


Check This Out

Again, This was on Amazing, check this out, specifically you Paul. :-)

Lady on the Train

Sitting on the train, bored. I sketched the lady across from me.


[10.3.06] First Challenge

Ok kids. Here is our first art challenge.

This month, we are creating self portraits in the style of Egon Schiele. But there is a tweest!!! It must be done in a comic book page format. WTF? Yes... self portrait in comic book format. Just one page, please. Don't ask for more details, just doo it! No rules! Go nuts and see what happens. I wonder how many of us will utilize the same solutions, and how many of us will just do something soooo unexpected.

Can't wait to see what we come up with! Here is a good link with Schiele info and more images. Remember, due back in a month! [11.3.06] No posting before then!

Schiele on Artchive

anger + boredom =


the eyes have hills

i saw the hills have eyes. not the greatest movie ever but it inspired me so i drew this, homie g dawg ill face mad bomb shit props yo.

It came to me suddenly

Hey guys, I just had an idea that I think we will all like. Well, I hope. I do. Ok, the idea is we should have should have a bi-weekly or monthly challenge. We can take turns (according to the order we joined the blog or something), and each month we give a theme, like we can choose to paint/draw in the style of a famous painter (like Alphonse Mucha, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, etc) or an art movement (impressionism, mannerism, yadda yadda you get the point). You can also say like you have to paint/draw something in as sequencial art (a series of panels or an actual comic page). It can be on ANY medium (some of us don't have scanners yet, lol so no rules about that). And I think it would be better to make the due date a month from when the challenge is given, b/c most of you guys are in school or work or both! So yes, I think that sounds like fun. Lemme know what you guys think! If Shally approves, she can go ahead and name the first challenge!




Im getting close I think to the final version.

Very Useful

Paul just sent me a link to this blog that has some very good tips on Client / Designer relationships. If you ever plan on freelancing, read it.

Top 10 Lies told to Naive Artists and Designers


Angry and Bored

Bored and Angry