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Poster Challenge

I apologize for the bad presentation. I will scan this puppy over the weekend and post it up. I painted on newpaper with gouache, and then put it on 11"x 17" bristol paper.


Chase said...

I'm really really enjoying this.

Even with the words from the newspaper kind of popping through on the bass, it almost gives it a sense of physical texture. With " The Mars Volta" I'm also glad you left the newstype visible there as well. It works for me and doesn't seem obtrusive.

Definitely loving the design for the man as well. With just the closed eye I think you captured the feeling very well, though the heart certainly adds a more symbolic touch to what he's feeling.

All in all, I personally really like it. It's also great to see your painting skills too! It's great to get a scope of everything you can do :-D

Laz said...

I agree with Chase, it's a very interesting composition and it's nice to see something entirely hand-made.

I love the type treatment in the newspaper. Mostly though, my favorite aspect is the man, i love how you composed him and situatued the shapes. It's really stylistic and pops out to me. Even the heart has a different, unique feel. I love that its torn in an unconventional way (people usually cut it in the center).

All in all, I'm loving what you did. What made you choose this song/band? Very curious.

Alexandra said...

Oh man! Thanks for the awesome crit! ::blushes to death::

Alexandra said...

The Mars Volta are very versatile and diverse with their musical stylings, so I thought they were a perfect choice for our challenge!

Shalimar said...

I love this. I am really digging the cubist inspiration thats coming from this. I cant wait to see it in person.