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Shepard Fairey on Hope

A video of Shepard Fairey talking about his roll in the Obama campaign. Even though I am an on and off fan of Shep's work and style, I think he comes off as a bit of a little cocky potato. Then again when you've reached his status, maybe you are allowed a ration of arrogance. But I think he might have used it all up in the past few months. Besides his rambling about his famed Hope poster, what I found really intriguing was what was going on in the background. He and his assistants putting together one of his large pieces. I always thought that those were print outs, like the one I saw in the Spring Street show a couple years ago. Apparently not, they are spray painted and put together by hand. Which gives him some points in my book.


I dont know how I feel about this.


No Cowboy

Check out the video. Its pretty damn fun. Via Design You Trust

*Edit* Another great animated video by the same people.
Just as fun, and an entertaining song.


Check out old man Bart on my site.


You know whats not OK....

After 3 days of hectic work and not closing enough windows

Work in Progress

Another peak at the drawing I am working on. I've planned it this far, now I am a little stuck as to how I should continue on. I will take a break from this till I can figure out how to proceed, and move on to something else in the meantime. Enjoy.



Keep up with the perplexing world of Alien Raver by reading from the beginning here. A slightly shorter installment this week, we are introduced to a new character whose presence will permanently alter our weary hero's fortunes. Stay tuned!

New ALIEN RAVER every Tuesday!


Work in Progress

Here is a little preview of a drawing I am currently working on.

Silly Dudes

Random doodle I found whilst cleaning my office.



New Wheat Thins




Keep up with the perplexing world of Alien Raver by reading from the beginning here. Next week, will he catch up to the mysterious maiden before she fades back into his memory? Stay tuned!

New ALIEN RAVER every Tuesday!


TVP Made Ad Age's A-List

As evidenced by all the A's on the floor.

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Old Woman

Wrinkly old lady with a 'tude.

To the End of the Pencil

To The End Of The Pencil And The Edge Of The Page from Green Thing on Vimeo.
Via Doodlers Anonymous



Engrave Your Book

For those worried that engraving on your moleskine will damage your beloved book, consider this solution by Leather-engraved jacket covers that can be reused over and over again (and give you access to your built-in moleskine pocket card!). Quite a beaut.


Being that I am a long time Henry Selick admirer- it's no surprise that I would be promoting his latest piece 'Coraline'. I've been anticipating this one since rumors hit forums. I also got a chance to see some of the actually puppets and sets at a convention I went to this past summer. I recommend reading the book written by another favorite of mine- Neil Gaiman- it's a quick read with a touch of sugar & spice.

Here are some promos- you've might have seen some of them, I've seen this huge one on an upper east side building:

And now I leave you with the trailer for the film, out in theaters February 6th!


'The Aquarium' Updates

So a few weeks ago, I let everyone know the basic idea of my upcoming work on the graphic novel i've been going crazy trying to develop. I've been working hard on the story and fooling around with some styles, and here's a little update on my progress:

ALSO, the working title right now is, 'The Aquarium'.


The iconography of all information everywhere

Google's mission statement is " organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful". Does that make this new, scary favicon that showed up this week the new icon of collective human knowledge?  

No, no it doesn't.  

But seeing as how pervasive it can be, I have the question the intent of the design. It's hard enough for Google to do pixel-scale stuff with their serif typeface (the previous icon had it's work cut out for itself). But did they really need this mash-up of corporate colors?

Old Dreams & Consequence

Some new sketches and some altered ones. More info @


Keep up with the perplexing world of Alien Raver by reading from the beginning here. Next week, will he find the answers he seeks in the dust of the fallen pyramid? Stay tuned!

New ALIEN RAVER every Tuesday!


X-Men Poster

While browsing random blogs I found this poster (on an iPhone wallpaper website). I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with everyone. Artists Flickr Page.

Disney Rejection Letter

Shalimar and I's fate if we applied to Disney in 1938.

Via Sim Sandwich

P. Craig Russell explains sequential narration

Acclaimed illustrator P. Craig Russell (KILLRAVEN, ELRIC, THE SANDMAN, CORALINE) looks at the opening page of the comics adaptation of Pelléas & Mélisande and explains the decisions he made about panel layout, timing, and composition. I figured this would be a great thing to watch if you are interesting in making comics (particularly Laz and I) or if you were curious as to the process comic artists go through.

Via Drawn

New Website!

Good News Everyone!!! I have finally updated my website. Well not so much updated as revisited and redid it. I have combined my blog with my portfolio website. Now everything is all in one convenient place. Besides the blog and portfolio, there will soon be plenty of extras such as downloads and prints available for purchase. I will definitely keep you updated.



Cyclops + Iron Man

Latest piece from Jarold Guzman. I thought the coloring was pretty awesome, and a departure from his usual, but awesome cartooning style. Check this piece and other new work on his blog.


Double Take: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

So often times in the Movie Poster business, the agencies are advised to be as sneaky as possible in the execution of visuals in order to properly sell the film for the studio funding it. For the past couple of weeks, one in particular is an obvious and blatant attempt to fool consumers into watching this film. "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans", a prequel to the popular Kate Beckinsale headlined franchise, is missing one major selling point. Kate Beckinsale. How do you remedy that? You taker a character who was previously seen in the films in flashbacks (who had blonde hair none the less), and you recast her with the spitting image of Beckinsale. Poor attempts..

Here are the film posters in order: