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Shalimar Poster Awards 07

Since Paul and Laz have already picked the best and worst posters of 2007 I am really left with nothing to work with. So what I have decided to do is pick posters that caught my attention for either a good reason, like 'Potential', 'Humor', or a bad reason like "WTF' or "Utter ridiculousness". so, in no particular order: Here we gooo...

Fun Photo Composition / Boring Ass Type Award.

Geeking Out Shalimar Award./Coolest Villain of the Summer on a Poster Award.

Helvetica Dance Award.

Most Difficult to Read Title Award.

Reminds Me of Hitchcock Poster Award.

Most Homo Erotic Poster that has Nothing To Do with Homosexuality Award.

Laziest Poster Designer In Existence Award.

Potential To be Good, but Fucked up with Horrible Type Award.

Bestiality Award.

Most Defined Abs in Movie Poster History Award.

Fun Type Treatment Award.

Worst Foreign Type Treatment Award.

'Premonition' Rip Off but Still Fun Award/ Lazy Type Award.


Laz said...

I think 'Numb' should have been on my 'Bests' List... that poster has such an intensity that is unmatched by any poster in history (I lie out my butt right now).. and 'Pride' should really have been a gay movie with that poster and that title.. hmmm :)

Jarold Guzman said...

your awards make me laff and giggle once again.