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Learn your ABCs

Shalimar got me these nifty flash cards the other day, and I wanted to share them with all of you. Make sure you find your alphabet animal!

Pizza Box Challenge



Paul McCartney.. Mistake Mistake.

Okay, so first I have to say this. For someone who's generally not had a hit song in some time, Paul McCartney's latest release 'Nod your head' is incredibly catchy,and edgy/modern. I heard this song last night and haven't been able to get it out of my head. But my problem lies elsewhere. For a song that could potentially do pretty well, why the hell would the people behind McCartney release one of the most poorly executed videos I've ever seen for someone as well known as him.

I think we can all agree that the video just doesn't do the song justice, not does it have any sense of artistry, complementation to the song, or nor does it even go with the song for that matter. I saw it and thought I'd post it because i felt it had so much potential and could have really gone somewhere but dropped the ball.

Below I included the video for the song as well as the video for "Dance Tonight", which was directed by 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"'s Michel Gondry and randomly features Natalie Portman throughout the video. Very different videos.

Nod Your Head:

Dance Tonight:

As you can tell, I'm very video obsessed today..

Hallucination Land with Elijah Wood

This is what happens when celebrities decide they need to broaden their scope and audience range. This is also what happens when it fails miserably and makes said actor look like a crack induced wobble head.


Illustration of the Day

PID Matters

To my fellow PIDers: I just wanted to see if we could have a meeting of some sort to discuss some group projects in the horizon. Maybe next week or so? It can be over AIM or whatnot, just so we can get things rolling.

-Printmaster Alex




Iron letters

So pretty

Same Pose

Two magazines with two different people in the same pose. Interesting.

Beautiful Typography

great work from Luke Taylor

Pizza Box Challenge

Hello Partners,

It's that time again. New challenge time. It's almost as important as tax season.

So, for this coming week, the challenge I am proposing is designing your own Pizza Box. We all eat pizza, and we all know what boxes are, so I think this is pretty relevant to all of us (and I am also hungry.)

Come up with your own Pizzeria, whatever you want and design a pizza box for it. I have included a high res image of a pizza box, so you can just plop your design right onto in photo shop. Challenge is due by next Friday, but post early if you want.

Can't wait to see what we come up with.

Motion Graphics Music Video

El cuarteto de nos - Ya no se que hacer conmigo

This is the last painting I did. It was a short time ago. Hope you like it. I know the smoke is amateurish and so on, but i felt that it fit the basic and sharp motif of the painting. You tell me what you think. Unless your name is Shalimar. I already know what YOU think... I think...


Today, or shall I say yesterday, I went to the MOMA with the fabulous Melinda Mantooth. Wherein she gave me the Melinda Guided Tour of the museum. Giving me awesome information and stories that I didn't know about most of the work I saw. She should seriously consider getting paid to do that. Anyway, I took a butt-load of pictures. I will upload some favorites, and the rest can be found here. Leave Comments on the Picasa page if you like.

Art can be deadly. Unless you are under 5 feet tall.

Melinda's favorite painting ever. Roberto Matta.

One of my favorites. Ill be damned if i remember the name.

Another favorite of mine. This one is a Jackson Pollack

I though Laz would like this one. Kara Walker.

Love this one, I bought a poster of it.

PID Favorite, Barbara Krueger

Helvetica Face.


Taxi with a view

This gps/tv system is pretty neat. Too bad the interface is ugly

New ATW Concept Art

I love markers. I'll be posting the final line drawings for this concept soon. And I'm not lying, since this is a paid gig. :-P


Full of It.

Movie Posters

I was browsing through Apple's movie trailers section and I thought these were very spiffy. Mostly because they are original, colorful, and have a hand-made feel to them.


Meet your new overlords

This has nothing to do with design....except as a PSA, I thought I'd let you all see the continuing fall of western civilization:

Check out those "slot-machine" eyes!! *runs*

In reading this news about Britney Spears' New Perfume having majorly ripped off the 'Believe' Logo from Charity website, Mondonation, I have posted their youtube video that is actually quite endearing. Below is also the comparison between the logos.


Also thanks to these fine folks for the images.

Creative Spark

Tons of really interesting images:


Bored at work. So I made a crappy poster.


Freakin' Sweet

via Wooster


Benoit Lemoine

Some really amazing work from this guy.
Here are some of his standouts:

Flour Sack Dance

This was an assignment I did for a Traditional Animation Techniques course I took senior year. I had to block out the poses for a floursack animation. Since the file size is small, I decided to post it. Enjoy!


Current Desktop

I figured it was about that time.

My first Post

With this being my first blog thing on Partners in Design, I thought it would only be appropriate that I introduce myself. I am not an artist. People just think I am. I will never admit to it, of course. You guys know where I live. Alex knows me as the guy who asked for her number but forgot to call her 4 weeks in a row and Laz knows me as the guy who shows up for about 13 minutes and then leaves in a hurry after taking about an hour to get there. Shalimar thinks my hair is too straight.
So anyway, I'm not much of an artist, if I am at all :P. But I thought maybe I should put something up with my first bloggathing so that I can be scorned by comments of disgust and the clamor of the battle I'm sure my heart will face once it has met the stinging comments of reality...

Shalimar helped me on this one too. Since I don't know how to paint :P


Shade of Green

I dunno.


Designer // Model

Perfect People make perfect design. AKA. We're Fucked. :-)

A Cover For...Something

Just bored.