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Love/Pain as Inspiration

As some of you may now, times aren't treating me so well right now in a pleuthora of different ways. The past few days specifically, I've found myself really internally hurt by a lot of things and a lot of people in my life. It's amazing to me to explore the power of the human condition and how willing we are as human beings, to hurt one another. Sometimes this is advertantly or inadvertantly done, leaving many scarred by past let-downs. These scars last with us, very rarely allowing us to escape their little workings. They burrow inside of us, enslaving us, and keeping us hindered from the thing we want most. Unconditional Love. I used to be a huge idealist, always thinking things in my life could reach a level of perfection, therefore allowing me to be with the perfect person in the perfect situation. Now, I find that my views have become bitter and stale. It leaves me sad.

Why am i talking about love/pain on a blog for design and art? Because in all of it's rarest forms, love and pain are a big driving factor for the artist/designer. It can fuel us to create the most amazing of things, and ultimately gives our work a sense of individuality that can never be matched, plagurized, or copied. In addition, our lives, and our upbringings are also just as key to the individuality we display in our forms, and should be embraced.

I listened to an interview with Andrea Dezso, a romanian author, designer, and artist. She spoke in depth about everything that influenced her life and all of her art/design and it all seemed to lead back to her childhood. From school teachings, to books, to talks about death with her grandmother, to needlepoint classes she refused to take. Each one of these things had a cause and effect that was clearly present in her work. I thought it was a beautiful thing to hear, and helped me get through a lot of my negative thoughts about my problems. (Please check out her work, it's amazing)

I'm going to go through things. I'm going to love, I'm going to hate, and I'm going to be human in my actions. They won't be the most pleasent things to feel, but nonetheless, i will have to. But hey, why not use my sadness or happiness as artistic fuel? It's a very overly-discussed topic, but i'd rather share it than keep it inside.

I designed something this morning, a little different from my usual. I needed to vent out a bit and I did.. below that I posted a cover that Deszo did for Print Magazine that i thought was beautiful..Take a gander.

Andrea Dezso:

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Alexandra said...

I really like the design you did. The eyes are striking, it's all I find myself looking at. You should really do more stuff like this, that comes from an internal place.

I hope everything works out for you Laz. Remember, you have us over here at PID to support you :-)