Partners In Design


Change '08

In a fit of boredom and angst I made this Obama poster. You can check out the process on my blog.

Inking Studies

We had a model last week in my inking class, so we did some quick studies. Let me tell you, inking without penciling first isn't easy. But it's all good practice. I've been working on creating a webcomic to post here as well as on my blog. Hopefully it will be up by the end of November or early December. So keep an eye out for it!


Pumpkin Party


Artist Spotlight: Leandro Castelao

Check out fun illustrations by Argentinian illustrator Leandro Castelao, whose pieces look like colorful circuit board designs (his David Bowie one really caught my eye).

Via Drawn


Japanese Matchbox label

japanese matchbox label, originally uploaded by maraid.

Many inspiring matchbox labels.


Self Portrait Mania

You might think it's vanity, but I'm the easiest model to acquire at a moment's notice. And it's good practice. I see an improvement in my inking skills already! I'll try to scan these in at a later time (my scanner is out on loan at the moment).