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The Second Job

Even government dogs don't get paid enough sometimes...

A&E's new logo


PID will be back shortly...

We've all been busy at work with no time to post these past few days. But despair not! We'll be back in June with new art and opinions. Word. 



Sex And The City Illustrations

In honor of the movie coming out this month, Entertainment Weekly came out with a special double issue dedicated to them and all their Manolos. I can care less for the show, BUT I thought these illustrations were really neat. The first two are by Jillian Tamaki, and the last one by John Hendrix.



this is a guy I know from back when I started in the signage/entertainment industry, he was an artist disguised as a vehicle wrap vinyl mural installation guy, cuban mixed, was bombing billboards. one day he left NYC to Spain, and look what he's up to. good guy. -eGO



Procrastinating at work, I've used my post-its as mini canvases and made marker paintings.

Animating the desktop


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


Painting Session

Getting in some practice painting with gouache. And painting birds makes my soul giggle.


Banksy - The Cans Festival

A flickr stream of a Banksy show in London. Pretty awesome.

Via Wooster


'Once On This Island' Poster

Here's a poster I made to help a friend who works for the Theatre Company presenting the show 'Once On This Island' in the city.


A Design Classic: Updated

When Massimo Vignelli re-defined the New York Subway signage in the early 70's, he also provided a matching map, which can only be described as an abstract piece of public art. In my opinion, his original map was great...almost perfect. It matched the (then new) Helvetica-clad signs throughout the system, and more importantly, tied together the system with a common visual identity. Sure, it lacked real geographic accuracy, but who cares!

The NY Times has a great article about how Men's Vogue has commissioned Mr.Vignelli to update his design to match the system as of 2008 (which includes deleting, changing and adding lines- like the new AirTrain). They have an "OK" version of it on their site for viewing, but if you want the real deal, you need to pony up $300 for one of 500 limited edition prints.

I am really in love with this map. Especially compared to the current Subway Map disaster:

Though, it's also worth mentioning this map, which was linked to in the Times article:

The above is an indy map made by Kick Design, Inc, which seems to me to be an interesting combination of the two maps's not perfect (seems a little heavy and "chunky" to me), but it would be a nice breath of fresh air from 'THE MAP'.