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Show and Tell: Art Blogs

Here are some of my favorite art blogs/sites that I love checking up on daily (aside from ours, of course).

First up, James Jean. His work just blows me away. His sketchbooks ALONE put me to shame. I hope to get to his level of draftsmanship some day.
Next, is Lou Romano. He's a concept artist over at Pixar (he was one of two character designers for The Incredibles). I just love his style. If I make it to Pixar one day in the future, I hope I get the chance to meet him.
Dan Bob Thompson, who was an illustrator for Disney and is now currently at Cartoon Network, I found by luck. His style is so retro, and I love his color choices.
Another concept artist from Pixar, Don Shank, has a more abstract side (apparent in his doodles) which reminds me of a cross between Joan Miro and Mondrian... if that's even possible. He has this great sense of gesture and shape in his sketches that I admire so.
That's all for now. I'll do another review/show-and-tell at a later date!



Laz said...

This is some really interesting and exciting work. It's interesting to see the style that pixar seems to go for in their concept artists.. very good stuff.

Thanks for posting it, I'd never heard of most of these guys!

Alexandra said...

No problem :-) Just figured since I don't do those poster reviews, I could do this instead.