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Poster Challenge

So I know there's been a lot of discussion among the partners to start doing more group challenges/projects. I have always been a huge fan of this, as I think it really makes for interesting outcomes. I love that we all have such different styles and abilities, and I think they should be utilized on a regular basis. In thinking about this a lot, I'm going to post the first Challenge, which was inspired by my post about Art Chantry.

Art Chantry is most known for his work for up and coming seattle based bands in the 80's/90's. He took poster work and completely made it his own and created a market for his style of design where there previously was none. His posters were innovative for the times and visually full of risk.

Keeping with this Idea, The challenge of the Week is as follows:

Create a Poster for the Single/Album of one of your Favorite Bands

It's pretty simple. Take a band that you really love and create a new and innovative poster that represent's the band's album or single of choice. This challenge is not limited to medium, so everyone should have no problem getting it done. All the posters should be done in 11x17 just to create consistency and have equal constraints with size.

This challenge isn't going to be as long in time as the other ones, as I feel people lost interest quickly. So the turnaround time will be one week from now. So by next friday, the challenge will have ended and everyone will have posted their poster. You can post the poster at any time, unless you all think it'd be best to do it all at once. Let me know on that.

Have fun!!!


Ernesto said...

cool, let's see what comes up. I have some favorite posters from bands I know now that I find inspiring.

Laz said...

Yea, I'd definetly be interested in seeing what you come up with ernie, I think your style would rock for something like this.

Alexandra said...

Sounds like good ol' fun! Now I have two challenges I have to do (including my own back in October that I never did because I am lazy potato face).

Laz said...

you need to get it done in a week so get a crackin!!