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Set Design

Following up on the 'OZ' Poster Redesign I posted a couple of posts back, I want to post some of the set design conceptual images I've come up with. After finishing the poster, the creative director behind the new show asked me if i would mind doing a set of 30 set change visuals for the show. See, the show is a traveling run and needs to be set up quickly. 'OZ' is a show very reliant on it's settings, having a pleuthora of different locations in the show. Since the set isn't there to aid the show this time around, they've decided to do a very modern representation of the set. Projection of Graphic Design sets on a scrim located behind the actors.

This really excited me because it's good practice on cranking out some quick, effective locations and backgrounds (which I usually hate to do) and make them look related in one sense or another. Below are a few of my preliminary designs.


Ernesto said...

wow, you're a talented muthafucka. great designs.

Laz said...

Thanks Man! I bow down to your work, so that means a lot!

Alexandra said...

I like your set designs Laz, especially the third one. I like the second one, but since I am not familiar with the plot to "OZ", I see it as out of place. This show sounds really awesome, I'd love to catch it if they toured around here :-D