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Chase said...

Awww poor Ghost :-( I just want to hug it! (Still going strong with your heart themes, I see)

The word bubbles got me confused to be honest. I wasn't sure if there was an order I was supposed to be reading it in or if they were just random blurbs from the ghost... but then two of the word bubbles didn't even seem like they were coming from the ghost since their starting point was turned away from it. Maybe I was looking too into it?

The very bottom bubble with the "I think" was tricky to read even after I enlarged the picture. Took a little while for my eyes to focus.

Still, very cute :-)

Jarold Guzman said...

I agree

Alexandra said...

I like the illustration, but I agree with Chase, you should clarify the order of the word balloons. Unless they are supposed to be random thoughts with no order. In that case, ploof!