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So after three years at war, I've finally come back home from the trenches and dove into some paint and shizzle.. I went nuts with Shal and drew, spray painted, and oiled my life away. The following are the results, woot woot!:



Few people have already told me that my type treatments have been bland. I guess I am afraid of using fonts that are "out there". But i used something al ittle different this time, and took it off the baseline. Any who, this is where ive gotten, now i just have to get some feedback from people and my prof. It still seems to be missing something.

Drawing Before Bed

Seeing as it is that I am the only one in t his blog who has so much time on her hands that she can post till her hearts content... here is a doodle before bed.

Mr. Frankentoosie


Random but Funny

I was watching private benjamin and looking at the dvd cover, and it reminded me of something i had seen before, and i found out its a parody on an older movie poster. thought it was funny.


Yet another post be me that's not about design...

I like posting screenshots. I'm lame.

Poster Redesign

Well, as some of you know, My portfolio class is a little less than... anything really. Its basically do what you want. I came up with this idea to maybe redesign movie posters for some of my favorite movies, and then make a book of my designs. I am not sure if this is a good idea yet, but just so I can say I did something... I tried my hand at redesigning the Desperado poster. I guess its not an amazing poster, but i love it, i love how simple it is and the photo. Not to crazy about the type. Anyway, here is my first try at the redesign.

(mine / original)

Well, I am open to all suggestions. I the guitar shapes I drew, along with the 'blood' splatters. The gun is an istock illustration. Now the movie has a very grungy low budget, western feel, and a very bloody feel aswell. I was trying to capture this without using any photos. I like it, but i still dont feel like i have arrived anywhere yet. I will be showing this to my prof tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes... if you care that is. :-)



I am a very bored person today, so ofcourse another stupid long post.
Anyway, I am looking at the upcoming covers for Runaways, and I just wanted to post them, because I think they are great, I can't remember if I have posted them already, and If I have, Ill change it up, with some of my favorite covers.

*Mario 64* Here We GO!

Aren't these just sexy as pie. These are by Jo Chen.

And here are some more of my favorite marvel covers. In No particular order.

Redesigned Resume

Hi, I decided that instead of sleeping, I needed to do something. So, I redesigned my resume. Here are the Before and Afters. They are pdfs. So Loopty Booj.

Before and After

Almost there...

Good God this is taking me forever lol, just need to add more shadows/highlights to the jacket. Also, make the background spiffy.



Hey, you all know to come on saturday... But i felt the need to post my "ahem" wonderful invitation design. hehe. nah. but I do want to pound it into your heads to come. :-)


Abstract? Say What?

Yeah, so, remember those drawings in my sketch book. Well I decided to make a big one. Its pretty obvious that I have been influenced by my roommate who paints similar shapes and is very abstract. Difference being, her stuff usually has a point, and this is basically just Pretty Colors swirling all over with no way to go. Its pretty big, Ill measure it and post another pick when its done. Again its on a stupidly heavy material. Particle board i think its called. Anyway, again its not done, this can be just an underpainting, or I could just let it be. It looks really trippy in person. Please let me know what you be thinking yo.

PS Does anyone know anyone who would buy paintings by the pound. haha.

Carrot sticks and Banana Bread


Blogs Today

Here is whats been going on, on some of my favorite blogs to visit daily.

This was on James Jeans blog, Process Recess.

And this was on Wooster.


Random Movie Posters

I was a little bored, so I decided to look at the latest movie posters. Here are two that I thought were pretty great.


Art Stores

Well, I don't have any art at the moment to post. But I have a thought that I would like to share. I went for a walk today in the rain, it was lovely. So I passed by NY Central (if you don't know, its an art supply store on 11th ST and 3rd Ave) and I went in and spent some money. :-) it was fun. But what I wanted to share was that, NY Central is the best art store I have been too. They have such a huge selection, especially for being so small. And they have great service, they package everything up for you really nice and all that fun stuff, kind of like they actually care ya know. The Pearl on Canal has a good selection, but it is kind of obnoxious in a way. ANYWAY, that is my random blurb for the day. Maybe I should actually go use those supplies I bought.



Screenshot Time

Here is my desktop, since everyone is showing theirs:

I have no dual monitors... for the moment. But soon... very soon... buwahahahaha.


Buisness Card

Hey, I'v been working on this card for my cousin. Tell me what you guys think. I didn't design the logo.

out at sea

i drew this on a helicopter door (ch-53) back in 2004 when i was on the u.s.s. wasp. at the time we were out in the middle of the atlantic by the equator


flash (no perv, not that kind.)

i dunno if you guys know this but i'm pretty decent at flash so if n e of you want a cool flash intro to your site just lemme know and maybe i could do sumthin. yay!


My Turn...

I decided to change up my desktop. It was getting pretty chaotic. Its very Red, Black and White, unlike me. But it was the only thing I could put together that was cohesive. Still looks kinda cool. Lets see how long it lasts before i get bored.

WTC Outline

Walking around the city I couldn't help and be bombarded with 9/11 reminders. Which always depress me. So I thought I'd post a little something to commerate. This is just something I saw on . I thought it was nice, so take a look, and go by wooster aswell and read the story they have there, it's a little sad but very inspiring.

WTC Outline Project



September Working Environment



Movie Posters

I was searching through IMP Awards, and I saw some pretty good posters. here they are.



Remember when I always posted doodles. *Sigh* those were the days, The Days of Doodles. I have a dilemma though, I dont know which is more interesting, the doodle, or the bleed through page under it.



well here it is...

any critique or comment would make me say "thank-ya kindly..."

a start...

I had fun makin that dog for that contest. Then I drew this and was happy with it so i'ma color this w/ photoshop. yee!

if you guys wanna color this in your style that would be cool too... nuthin comes out better than when you combines ideas and styles.