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2 Minute Posters

When I woke up this morning I was trying to find a way to inspire and motivate myself to get to work. So i decided to do some speed/automatic designing.

In this case, the alphabet worked out well. I ended up designing 26 posters in under an hour, then I went back and made a few 2 minute revisions. They are very simple, but, again it was only 2.3 minutes a letter.

Anyway, You guys should try some speed art, its a good way to loosen up before beginning work on a big project.


I was going through some ads recently and came across this set of Ads that just seemed to cleverly get across it's idea in a very striking and conceptual way. I love the execution of these ads and how clever the idea was. What do you guys think?


West Wing DVD Design Review

I purchased "The West Wing: The Complete Series" from eBay this week and it arrived today. I knew what the box looked like, but I was really quite surprised at just how well designed the entire thing was. I'm used to DVD sets that are thrown together as after-thoughts. Most movie DVDs are really sad...bad design, etc. TV DVDs, being more expensive seem to be a bit better.

I wish I could find out who designed this set, the details and "fit & finish" of it are incredible. Here are some pictures and comments:

The concept is setup as a box of files with an official presidential seal- nifty. With over 45 discs, it's a very heavy box, for it's size.

The box has the real seal of the president, embossed in metal. As I understand it, government designs (money, seals, flags, etc) all fall under public domain, which explains why it can be used here and in the show.

When you open the box, you can see each season of episodes has it's own little "manilla folder" with a tab identifying it. It's worth noting that the main flap of the box has very strong, little magnets in it to keep it's got an incredible "snap"...very satisfying.

Here you can see the files up-close.

Here's season 1

It gradually unfolds...revealing 7 you unfold, you're greeted by a VERY large photo of President Bartlett (Martin Sheen)...I like big photos in design.

The inside of the folder isn't very exciting, design-wise- But that's allowable...It's just to present the DVDs as simply as possible. The other 6 seasons are similar, just with different cast member's photos in the folder.

The set comes with two booklets. One contains the pilot script and a personal message from creator, Aaron Sorkin (left). The other is a thick episode guide (right). The script book is very straight-forward....all text.

The inside of the episode guide is another affair....It's very nicely designed- sharp, clean pictures and screen grabs...the entire book includes a metallic spot-color in certain areas. The inside cover has the presidential seal printed in this color (the photo doesn't show how much it pops).

Here you can see one of the more boring pages. I don't know why I shot this one. The gray on the right page is metallic spot-color.

Trying to show the metallic...failing.

Some black & white pictures are printed with the white replaced by the metallic spot- it creates and incredibly SLEEK effect.

Overall. I'm very impressed.


Unrelated to anything having to do with PID. But awesome

New spiderman 3 trailer

Sick Girl.

I illustrated this yesterday to use in one of our publications and stopped because we didnt need it anymore for the article. I thought it was still groovy, even though it isn't completed.

More Works In Progress...

Just thought I'd post some more Works in Progress for the next publication's issue we're sending to print soon. I'm having a ton of fun with this one so far.


The Cover

My magazine is so close to finished. But I am not read to post the whole thing, peoples heads my explode at its unfinishedness. But, heres the cover. :-D


Blue Icons: A Plea For Sanity

I have too many blue icons- and it's not my fault. By far, the majority of the applications I have, possess a blue icon of some sort. Programmers, companies, developers, designers- please stop using blue. Remember iTunes 4-6? It had a green icon. BOY, those were the days. Even iTunes 3 was purple...a step away from blue. What about when iChat had the yellow running AOL guy? MEMORIES!

Now we have icons like Photoshop CS3- A blue square. Thanks, adobe.

Thanks to this blue-happy craze, I now have to deal with BULLSH*T like THIS! LORD HELP ME!


There are new innovations in interior decorating that I thought all of you should be aware of.

How to make a sideways room.



Wow I have to stop with all this absurd word creation not. (Get it? From Borat? Ahh, what do you know). Anyway, I put up some new jazz on my website, so go check it out. Also, wanted to post something I did last year for my Visual Techniques class.
Hopefully I'll have more current art soon!


Do The Inspiration Dance

First lets take a look at this:
Also today we had a guest speaker in one of my classes. A Rodrigo Corral. And his work was just pure inspiration. He does mainly book jacket design. He was real funny and smart, and just so talented. When I see work like this it just reminds me why I love design. Check out his website.


New Job

Hello all, some of you know im working at this spanish advertising agency.
Today they gave me a fun assignment. A poster for beer. its not done. but, enjoy.

Magnifying Glass Required

By, I totally agree with laz. All of you rock. I really appreciate the fact that you all take time out of your busy schedules to post. I think it means alot to all of us. If only we could get more people to be this dedicated.

On that note. Check out this blog.


Hey Guys! Firstly, Just wanted to say in post form that I really have loved everything that everyone has been posting! From Shalimar's amazing "uglies" (Which are a really interesting direction), to Paul's awesome motion work (Government Execution is the best!), Alex's awesome animation work (I'm dying to see more!), and Jarold's cool logo work. I'm just honored to be in this blog with all of you. :)

Below i've included just some snips of things I'm working on for my first publication at my new job. I'm really happy at this place and feel like myself and the art director are pushing each other to create some interesting work for a trade publication. These are some of the opening pages for the editorials and a couple of ads that companies outsourced to us that i created.


I just put the PID in Diddy

My David Caruso act:
( got that from southpark)


The Tales of Mother Goose

I finished one of my motion graphics projects today...

Since watching on YouTube is like watching on a cell phone, here's a Quicktime.


This Guy Is

Freakin' Amazing! Ahg.

james jean

animation junction

I animated a new shot for my friend's thesis film, "Pretty Life". Check it out here. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, guys. Combination of laziness and sleepiness. But I am almost done working on the film... so I expect to have no more excuses at that point. Also, I have tons of work to do on my site. Yes... so lemme know what you think of the animation yo!



I don't know why, but I created and submitted a masthead to Wooster Collective tonight....

"'What' ain't any country I ever heard of!"

This is great...


Poker Night Reminder

I think i only have these parties to play around with invitation designs. ANYWAY

Bored at Parade

Just got a free minute while waiting for copy. So, I did some doodles.

Poker Night Invite

Just another reminder for you people.


Mr.PID am I

I've been really enjoying strange illustrations lately- I've been having a lot of fun drawing these weird people and things- So when Shalimar challenged us to draw Mr.Pid, I had to try.

I wanna try perhaps incorporating these type of illustrations into my portfolio- I'm not sure, though.

New Uglies

Hey All. I have some new Uglies to show you.

You all know Mr. Pid, the unofficial mascot of partners in design. On the train, i did an Uglies version of him. Im thinking... I would like all of you to do your own interpretation of him and post him. Its pretty simple. so... DO IT.

Here are two drawings of the same person. On the path I saw this old indian woman who looked like one of my ugly people drawings. I couldnt resist. The first drawing on top, was me drawing her on the train as fast as i could before my stop. The second one is my reinterpretation of the same drawing. It has given me the idea to start basing my uglies on real uglies.

As most of you know, i have gone back to work for my uncle part time and the liquor store. And while standing there bored, i realized what I can do while im bored... doodle. Anyway, so here is my line of weirdos.



I just found one of my professor's blog from last semester. She does these great little paintings. Check em out.

Amy Wilson


20/20 and Graphic Design

John Stossel RIPS THE LID off the horrors of the Graphic Design industry


My Usual Scary Face

Just one of my random ugly people. Enjoy.


I just did a new layout for work yesterday and enjoyed how it came out. Me and my art director are making for an interesting team thus far. :)