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Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum

Happy Holidays!



I guess i haven't posted in the longest time! I totally suck. But I hope to get back on blog track. So I scanned some stuff from my sketch book. So here ya go!


Doodle from work:

Also, I noticed NO ONE posted anything for Laz's challenge this month... including Laz himself. We suck! Hahahaha... I guess the challenged will wait until later, as in when everyone is out of school. Ploop!

Btw, I moved my art blog over to Blogger. So go look at it, leave comments, make me feel as if people actually read it. The Art of Alexandra Beguez I want to thank Paul for helping me make this very fateful decision.


The problem with Sony

There's a lot wrong with Sony as a company now days. Forget that. Look how crappy their hardware site is:

The grid is a mess. And there's about 7 different font sizes.

35 album covers I love that I own

Listening to iTunes today, I kept noticing how many album covers I really liked looking at...even if I didn't like the music. So here, in NO ORDER, and having NOTHING to do with the music they represent, are my 35 favorite album covers that I OWN.

WHEW. Long post.




Bath Time

Rip Your Heart Out.

Had another Bored at work moment..



Something i did quickly at work today.. it seems to be keeping in the same stylistic qualities I've been developing as of recent... So here ya go. :-P