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Stuff to look at

Hey, I have some artist sites you might want to take a peek at (especially when boredom strikes).

Nick Bertozzi

Mike Dawson

Dean Trippe

Hope Larson

Paul Pope

Center For Cartoon Studies

Inspiring Animation Reels

Ben Caldwell

Scott McCloud

On another note, I decided to start up my LiveJournal account. Let's see if I can keep updating the damn thing. Here is the link. Enjoy.


Brain Thingy

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a firestorm - full of intensity and drama.
Your thoughts may seem scattered to you most of the time...
But they often seem strong and passionate to those around you.
You are a natural influencer. The thoughts you share are very powerful and persuading.

Havana Rose

Havana Rose is Officially on sale. This is the bottle I designed over a year ago for my uncles winery.

3D Invasion

Well, not really. Just wanted to post up a still of one of the main characters from my thesis film. You can see the film here. Just minimize the window so it's not all pixels. I couldn't figure out how to embed the damn thing. Grrr.


lazy animators...

Gees, I haven't posted anything. I suck.


Man Down

New Painting...
on a 4' by 3' pank of wood. if you want to see its evolution, because your lame like me, here it is



A friend is a DJ for a bar on thrusday nights and begged me to redesign his atrocious flyers.. i did this in about 1/2 hour.. i like it. :-)


bored at work.. made this.. love famke.. eat cheese...mmmm


Yay I Say

I submitted my design for a masthead to and they put it up. Fun.


An animator in your midsts

Hey guys, thanks for inviting me in your group blog :-D I feel loved. That is all for now lol, I'll start posting soon!

New Partner

Were expanding! Welcome our new partner in design. Alexandra Beguez.



"..And Neither Do I.."

When Laz gets bored at work, he makes quick movie posters... this is my attempt at making a Lois Themed "Superman Returns" Poster.

Beautiful Typographical Accident

My Roomate was cleaning some coasters we have. And ended up rubbing the letters off this one. And me in my complete Dorkness thought this was amazing. It looks like the letters exploded. I want to use this effect in something i do.


Mr. Pid



So You want to control me?

Quick Jean Grey/Famke Janssen drawing i did.. :)

MMMmm Fishies.

It's a pleasure, thanks for the invite

First time for everything, hope I do this right. I just got accepted to the MTA Music Underground program. I'll be down there with the jugband kickin' it, like this guy.


Groovy. I still remember how to open and operate Illustrator.

New Partner

I invited a friend, boss, and family member (kind of) to join the Partners In Design. So welcome Ernesto to PID.


I thought it would be fun to pick out our favorite posters from out birth year. And I think it was a bad idea. Because they all suck, and we were basically all born in 1985, for the most part. But since I have nothing to do, I will post the ones I thought were digestible. In no particular order.

Man With One Red Shoe: Simply strange that its one red lonely shoe illustration, and the lace is lit like its a bomb. It caught my attention right away, and really stands apart from all the other posters in 85. I am not sure how well it tells the story of the movie, but it is intriguing on some level.

Breakfast Club: Not sure if its because its one of my favorite movies of all time, or because it moght be a good poster. But what I can see, is that its a great use of actors, each of there poses reflects the character clearly. I'm not to hot on the title treatment. The thicks and thins of that typeface puts me off.

The Color Purple: I really enjoy the illustration and the type of purple it is against that sun in the window. The title treatment doesn't distract from the intensity of the imagery, but yes its visible and clear. That fonts seems to pop up a lot in the 80s.

Now, for the worst poster of '85. My vote goes too:

The Days Doodles

I have had a long freakin day of work and school, and in that long day alot of minor interesting things happened. One of them being my epiphany, and that is that a Gray Papaya Hotdog is the only quality thing under a dollar. What that has to do with art is entirely up to you. Anyway, those are the sketches I did in my society madness class. A class about the history of mental illness and its influences in art. Sounds like something i would take eh?


New Toon

My friend Jarold and I are making a toon based on the comic Laz and I used to make a million years ago. Its an XFiles parody of ridiculously stupid proportions. Look for it soon.

Story, partial coloring, backgrounds and Direction by Yours Truly
Character design and Animation By Jarold Guzman.

Painter 9

I decided to get Painter IX, and play with it a little. Its pretty fun, and a genius program. I don't think i have enough memory in my computer right now to handle it well, or maybe its my tablet, thats about 20% the size of my screen. Or maybe its me, I dont have patience to re-color something Ive colored twice already. Its also complex, lots of brushes, strange layers, and I am not familiar with all of them yet, but I hope to get there. The oil paint system is great though. If anyone wants it, let me know.


Digital Doodle

Say Hello to Duder.