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A first for me.

Here is my very VERY first attempt... wait, no... not first ever but first that I said screw at and called it complete. I KNOW it's not the best but it's my first finished thing on 3ds max.

killing 2 birds with 1 stoner

yeah, I had to make some posters for the jug band, couldn't decide on someone else's album, and I needed to work on the band stuff anyways. it's still Friday in Vegas!

Silas Rhodes.

RIP Silas Rhodes, founder of SVA.

Read Article Here.


PID Masterpieces Challenge [6.29.07]

Yes, it's that time. This week's challenge is to create a trading card, like the ones seen here. Again, the medium is whichever you choose, as long as it works for you. Remember, trading cards have information on the back, so if you have time, please include your design for that as well. The only requirement that must be present on everyone's card is the phrase "PID Masterpieces". If you look at the examples I posted a while back, you'll see they have such a thing that lets everyone know the cards are from the same collection.

I will set the deadline for a week from today [7.6.07]. Have fun and collect them all! :-D


PS. Next week's challenge goes to Paul


Poster Challenge

I apologize for the bad presentation. I will scan this puppy over the weekend and post it up. I painted on newpaper with gouache, and then put it on 11"x 17" bristol paper.

Great Illustrations

Some nice work by Ben Weeks.


Freelance Freedom

25 Design Terms

Came across this fun little game this morning and thought you'd all appreciate it.
It's like an easier form of that M&M's game they had for Halloween to find the horror flick titles (Which was hards as all hell by the way), but it's pretty nifty in it's own respect.

Find The 25 Design Terms!



Nice Work.

Some Nice Work from Ryan Santos.


Nifty BIC Ads!

Browsing my usual sites related to advertising, graphic design, and art, I came across these really interesting BIC Ads. The set of three uses beautifully executed drawings of three celebrities and their sterotype/counterpart visions with the tagline "Make your choice.".. Brilliant.

The illustrations were done by a great artist, Fabio Cortez. Oddly enough, I met Fabio and had a huge conversation with him at this year's "New York Comicon". We spoke about Art for a while, and his niche style drawings. He even drew me a picture that I'll have to find and scan in. Since then, he's also been doing illustrations for the new (and awesomely cool) trading card set, "Hollywood Zombies".

PID Propaganda Poster


I think this is the busiest month in PID history. Look to your right on the archive for June!

3 Cheers!


Here are some posters that I find pretty inspiring sometimes. Not the message... the look. We should do some promotional PID posters eventually that have this sort of feel. Could be interesting.




yup it's me.

Poster Challenge 2

Second Attempt.

Poster Challenge


Tonight Paul and I collaborated on trying to get the PID MySpace page not look like someone vomited on it. It still needs work, but I think its getting close. I decided to go with a very minimalist design. I would like people to be able to post art in the comments, and I would like them to stand out on the white along with our art.

Anyway, Check it out. And if i havent added you already, Add yourself.


PID Stats

Here's what this week looked like for our stats:

[PID Analytics PDF]

It's pretty clear that about 90+% of our visits are from members of the blog. Which is fine....the numbers aren't weak. But if we're looking to get a readership, we need to pimp the blog more heavily, and maybe even create posts that have a wider appeal.

Don't know who the artist is yet.....

I had mentioned before some music show posters I've been into lately, commented in Laz's poster challenge post. I'm in the process of finding out who it is. Mostly for shows at a bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn called Lost & Found.

My posters are in progress.......

Poster Challene the Sequel

Bored. So I made two more posters! There are pretty stylized, but... whatever. They were fun to make.