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Not quite a poster.

I already made a cd cover for OFFSPRING as opposed to a poster. I turned it in for a scholarship and printed it on photo paper. I know it's not a poster but it's already done and it meets most of the requirements so here you go! Also, look into the BG.

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Shalimar said...

In the spirit of honesty and what this blog is about. I am going to have to say I don't like this album cover. There are like 6 or 7 things going on with no clear cut point, visual or direction. You have the illustration of the goth woman, the offspring logo, the skull in the background, the smoke effect and marble texture. None of these effects are cohesive. And the colors are all over the place. It feels like you are just combining random elements at your disposal. I would suggest picking an idea, maybe "the meaning of life" And creating imagery that can be directly related to it or metaphorically. And sticking with the cartooning aspect of it. Dont bring in fonts or the offspring logo. Make up your own logo using the skull or something in the cartoon style. Hand drawn lettering would be very cool here. You should look to comic book covers and heavy metal album covers for inspiration.