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The Inner Workings..

Hey guys, I put together a book compiling all of my most recent works. The book includes my work in Movie Poster Design, Editorial, Illustration, and Fine Arts. It’s a cool little book that doubles as a look at what I've been creating in the art/design world and a super groovy coffee table book.

I decided to try out that Lulu service. So the book went off to print friday and should be to me some time this coming week. As soon as I get it, I'll let you know how the print quality is.

Support if you’d like :)

Click Here to See/Buy/Download the Book


Alexandra said...

When did you find the time to put a book together! Looks good though! I'll try to grab a copy for myself once I have money coming my way. Ahh, a freelancer's life.

Miss Martha's Good Thing said...

I must say Lazberry, I am quite impressed with this one. I was wondering what the heck you were so busy working on those last two weeks while I was backing up CDs and surfing MySpace...GREAT JOB! I'll def. order a copy (if you autograph it, of course)