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New Painting

Hi All, I am back, with a vengance. Anyway, here is a new painting I did. This one is about 4 by 3 feet give or take a few inches, and in on a thick f*cking piece of plexiglass. Its really heavy ...yay. This is a crappy photo of it, but its one of those thigns that just looks so much better in person because you can catch the dimensionality of the plexy and the layers of spraypaint etc. You can even see some reflection in it of my apartment and my legs and stuff. Weird. La Di Da. Give me some critique y'all. woot Woot.


Marine Corps wide logo contest

I've been tasked by my sergeant Major to draw a new logo for the Single Marines Program. Marines from the east & west coast are gone submit their art. There will be 3 runners up from each coast. The last 6 drawings are going to be posted on a marine site for people to vote. My sighting said to me "Hey, Guzman, if you win you'll leave your mark permanently in the Marines." that would be very cool.

to make things cooler, this logo's ALL OVER the world on bases whether it be in magazines, newspapers, bowling alleys, clubs, theatres PX's (stores) etc... Basically anything that the SMP owns and operates. Here's what I'm going to submit. Hopefully I win. If I make it to the runners up I'll post a link n' maybe u guys can vote for me ;)

please tell me what u think

here's the old one for anyone who was curious... Oh you weren't? Damnit... Well here it is anyway


New Member

Lets all welcome a new Partner to PID, Ted Chevalier. He is a 3rd Year GD Major at SVA and Pauls roommate. Yay. Can I please get a woop woop.



Your future husband this guy




Progress. Of some sort.

Now if only I can motivate myself to work on my comic...


New Painting

Hey guys. Whats up, i have some stuff i did recently, tell me what you think. Also we are in talks about renting a gallery space and having an art show, if anyone is interested please let me know, because the more people involved the cheaper it is. And i was in the chelsea galleries and we are alot better than some of the stuff i saw, and we totally deserve to get ourselves out there. I can get my uncles liquor store to supply the booze, I can have a friend bartend and DJ, it can be something cool and maybe we can sell some art. Idk, just throwing the idea out there.

This is my latest painting that I painted last night. Its il on wood and spray paint and stuff.

And this I painted a while back, but this is a better picture of it.


alrighty then

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Pictures Are Fun

Here are some pictures of my apartment, and some crazy spray painting my brother an i did on our roof. Also the View from our roof which is pretty sick.


Where Have I been....

Thats a good question. If you dont knowm which means you dont know me, I recently moved to brooklyn, and i havent had internet access, and I wont for about another week, I hope. I dont have any art to post. But I do wanna say how excited it makes me seeing this blog being bloggerific whilst i am MIA. Keep it up, and here... have fun with this. I found it on

Let Out your Inner Jackson Pollock.

I will see you all soon at my house warming party... when i figure out when the F its gunna be. :-)



Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues

here's the first BroJB album. more to come. the band started in Nov 2005 and after every gig I would take a photo for use on the next show poster. check out the link to see Shal's handy work, needs updating, but you get the idea. I'll have some songs up and other pics with art.


this took me two work days. i did it for my old gunnery seargent like 2 weeks ago. it was kinda hard cuz i didnt have much colors so i had to mix crazy colors to make the ones i needed plus it was cheap acrylic paint. but yeah tell me wucha think.

p.s. it's a helicopter door



I actually did something. I painted this using gouache, for my friend's birthday.



I....I...I just don't know. I think he has some sort of tongue herpes.


Jean/Xavier Completed

Here's the finished product for now (unless i go back and make edits).. hope you like :)


Jean/Xavier Illustration (Progress)

Been working on this illustration for a while.. a mix of different programs and ideas.. this is the first time I'm really going all out on coloring a drawing, so it's very exciting. Just wanted to post the progress, as the beginning was posted here a few weeks back. I had forgotten about it until yesterday and I picked up from where I left off.


watch it