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Photo Manipulation

I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at photoshopping pictures and manipulating them. So ofcourse, this is what someone hires me to do. I was asked to make a picture look like its from the 50s. Its not finished, but here is a before and after. The after looks a little bit like its haunted. But I figure that everything in the 50's was haunted (I prob will have to change all that). I have to mimic an old Kodak Brownie Camera, which from what I have seen has a high contrast look, with a slight sepia tone. I am waiting on feedback from the client, but I would like your opinions and suggestions.


Shalimar said...

Its sad to comment on your own work right after you have posted it, But I see now that I have gone way overboard with the contrast. Crap.

Laz said...

Hey, I think that looks pretty good for replicating the feel of the 50's.. tha cars definetly give it the touch it needs. Just for the sake of being constructive, I'll just say some things I noticed that could use some touching up. I noticed you used some blurs on the building toward the background. Don't do such an extreme blur, as it tends to bleed into the sky and other background in an unatural way.

The two cars on the right look pretty well into perspective and feel natural, but maybe tweak the one on the left. It looks a little odd. But other than that, I'm totally impressed. It looks really cool.
Did you adjust the contrasted image in your post? It looks fine to me now.

Ernesto said...

hmm, I'm gonna say the cars look cartoonish cuz the light source on the bottom far right car is questionable, and I'm not seeing any building reflection on the cars, it's like it should be present somewhere.

but overall, it's slammin'.

Miss Martha's Good Thing said...

WOW!!! That's pretty darn cool. It's amazing what these programs can do, isn't it. Even though I'm in the business, I never would have thought that was a PhotoShop project, wspecially if it was mixed in with actual photos from the 50s