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Logo Work

Hey all, I took a stab at some logo work today at work. We're having this one year anniversary event at some point soon and we'll be making shirts for the event and my boss asked me to do a bunch of logos. They all have to be one color logos that will be screened onto the shirts.

Boredom makes for fun!

I had free time at work today and took the crap-a-licious vector i did yesterday and worked it into something more interesting. lol..


Laz's New Job!

Hey Everyone! As some of you know, I quit at my last job. I mostly did it because they didnt really treat their employees to the standard I thought they should and it got almost to the point of abussive. But I got a new one and have to say, Im MUCH happier here.. Thank god!!! Below are some works in progress of work im doing for the new place with my Art Director.

Organize it!

Someone from asked me to create a logo for her. I drew only one sketch and liked it ( prob cuz it was late at night ). Well I show it to her n she likes it except she doesnt want the stack of papers to look like a building. It looks too corperate. I agree.

I wanted to show her that I'm doin something so I computerized my sketch.

That's what I have so far.

Magazine In Progress

I barely post anymore, mainly because I am lazy. I have given in to the lazy monster. But, I have a nice big fat post for all you post addicts.

For my 07 Portfolio, I am making another magazine. Its going to be the centerpiece to my already small portforlio, I don't have much yet to show for a semester and half of work... but anyway, changing topics....

Ch Ch Ch Changes

As you can tell, I have changed the feel of PID a little bit. I hope you enjoy it!

Evil Teddy

My Turn... not as fancy. But... :P


Feburary 2007 Desktop

Posting's what I do.

Magazine Reviews

Well, I have nothing to contribute of my own, but I found some editorial designs that I love. So I will share and critique. :-D

This spread is from Seed magazine. I just find their design for the contents page clever. Something else I found interesting is that their contents page designs change every publication. Which is great, because monotony is boring.
Also, I got these catalogs from Anthropologie, which is an incredibly expensive store, but its catalog design is crazy cool! And by crazy cool, I mean striking, aided by bold colors and use of the brand's prints for the design.Well, that's all for now kids. Hopefully I can have something exciting to show you in the next few weeks, but no promises! We all know I am on the lazy side :-D


The French Love Me

So last week a former customer of mine sent me an email to let me know that a portrait I had drawn was featured on Elle magazine's French website. Cool!

So I hop on over to and sure enough, there it is:

My first thought was that this individual had an article written about him, and in lieu of providing Elle with a photo, he gave them his drawing. But no, I was wrong. It was way cooler.

If you clicked through to the story, it features a much larger version of the image and a bunch of French that I was unable to read:

Nifty. Though, if you run the text through a translator, it becomes clear that the story actually has something to do with the portrait- This story is filed under "Weight loss" and apparently, this individual was inspired to lose 20 kg because the way I had drawn him showed him thinner than he really was. So my portrait was his impetus for getting in shape! Cool, right? The best part is my URL, is mentioned several times throughout the article.

Original Article
Translated Article


current animation work in progress

This is some of the animation I am working on for my friend's thesis film, "Pretty Life". I still have two shots to go to finish my load, but I wanted to show you guys what I have been constantly refering to in past posts. So lemme know what you think!



Iconize Me!

I just finished my first icon since opening the other day. Check it out.



Ive been sick and bored, hence the gazillion posts. I took dayquil this morning and drew this:



Hey everyone, been spending the past few hours going back to the old magazine i started months ago when Shal was taking her editorial class. I decided to just do it along with her and start practicing. In light of a new job, I am now picking this old file up and improving/ practicing my indesign and editorial skills.. Tell me what you think!


Below are final jpegs of the main postcard image options for that HTHS Musical Theatre show, "HAIR". I tackled this one as support for my old school (as i tend to do), and because it really flexes my creativity muscles. There were some revisions I didnt quite agree with, and Im not too happy with what they decided to go with of the 4 image options, but so is life eh? They ended up going with the peace sign fingers as their main image.


Recently, I did some work for an up and coming magazine titled "MOVMNT". The Magazine centers it's main focus on the world of Dance, Entertainment, Music, and Culture. It is currently sold at limited venues, buut grows month by month. I was grateful to be asked to do the illustration work for one of the main spreads, "Love Break", and below is a preview of it. If you guys can, show some support and pick up an issue. :)


Blood? oh alright.

I like these.

Before n After


followed by dancing joy jig.