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Typography Dancing

A while back Paul posted a dialogue from Pulp Fiction turned into an animated typographical expression of the scene in the movie. I loved it, and I still go back to that post on occasion to watch it again.

A friend of mine, Eugene Roytfeld- some of you have seen him at my parties, drinking all my booze- sent me a few videos after I sent him the Pulp Fiction one. They are all very similar but still very fun to watch and inspiring in many ways.

I am annoyed that this person disabled embedding.


Paul said...

I like the non-embedded one the best...maybe because of the song. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be breaking any new ground. The first one I saw (Pulp Fiction) sort of defined the style, and everything else feels like a dead-on copy. I would love to see some innovation in this "style".

Laz said...

This reminds me to let eveyone know to catch something when they have a chance. I saw "Vacancy" a few weeks ago in theatres and their opening title sequence was one of the most amazing, complicated type work and motion graphics I've seen in an opening title.. its amazing, so check it out when it's on DVD.

Paul said...

I saw the intro. It was posted on the website of the design company who did it. It's quite nice. I'm glad it wasn't any longer than it was, though.

Laz said...

Yea, i agree.. it was just about the right ammount of time.. but it was just crazy good, very intricate.. I loved it.