Partners In Design


Happy Birthday!!!

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to take the chance to really say how much it makes me happy that we've reached a one year mark with this blog. Like Alex mentioned, This has been a real saving grace for a couple of us and has really offered a way for us to express and share with each other. I admire every single one of you for your abilities, perserverance, and talent. I think it's fantastic that each one of us is so individualistic with our styles and abilities. It's created such a crazy cool mix of art and energy, and it really has made all the difference. I look forward all day to seeing one of you post, because it allows me to see what the people I've grown to care for are doing and doing well. It's great to see us all grow and I'm sure we'll continue to grow together with this blog.

Cheers for one Year Partners! I love ya all to death!!!

Below are my contributions for the annual birthday. I tried two really different stylistic designs, and tried to really step outside my own bounds and experiment a little bit.


Shalimar said...

Yay, We Rock!

Alexandra said...

I love that little voodoo doll! ::squeezes it to death::

We love you too Laz! :-D