Partners In Design


I have had this website book marked for the longest time, and today whilst rifling through my old bookmarks, I rediscovered it.

This website is incredible. You can upload a PDF of a book (written, comic book, anything really) and then you can buy one copy of the book, or even sell it to other people for an incredibly reasonable price. I think I would like to test it over the summer, with maybe a book of Uglies and Typography or something. I was even thinking what would be a great idea, maybe eventually make a little art and design book of PID. Not sure exactly what the purpose would be but it would be a great promotional item for any of us. Oh, and they also have all sorts of different binding options.

Also, just a little reminder that Thursday is the PID birthday extravaganza, and I will be deleting all of those who haven't posted in the last month, and I would really appreciated if all those who do post did a little sumthin-sumthin for the blogs bday.


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