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Drawing NYC

I was rummaging through my corner of art here in my room, and I suddenly remembered I had taken a class last spring. So I found my sketchpad and decided to share some of the drawings I did. I forget exactly what the class was called, but we drew in several locations around the city, including Grand Central Station, The NYC Library off 42nd and 5th (it's huge so it takes up a few blocks, but I know it's around there), and Rockerfeller Center. Cool class, although I hated the fact that I had a class right after so I had to run. I hate running.The rest I am going to put up on my website "doodles" section. Hyperbola.


Shalimar said...

these are great. i love the grandcentral one

Laz said...

These ARE really cool.. I totally dig them. :) I want to see more.. I agree with Shal, the grand central one is really interesting