Partners In Design



A little something I put together in my off-time. I did two versions, as I wasn't quite sure of what intensity i wanted to go for.
I've been trying to work a lot more with type and the messages I'd like to get out there. I feel as though (especially after listening to Barbara Krueger of 'Design Matters'), I have a voice and I should use it. This is an experiment in doing that.


Alexandra said...

I think the one with the black background with the red "WOUNDED" works better. More impact.

Laz said...

Thanks Alex, thats what I thought at first too, but I second guessed myself last minute.

Ernesto said...

yeah, the black and red, nice. I like way the text wraps front and back.

what are you doing with it?

Laz said...

I haven't decided what to do wih it yet. I did it on a whim to get a message out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)