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hello again

man, I know it's been a while, but I've been busy with married life and my own business and NOW I'm committing some time to art and music , finally (we'll see what that get's me). And congratulations to all u graduates! (I'm so proud.....*sniff).

and here's some links that I'm embarrassed about, so enjoy.


BroJB at Idiotarod 2007

Studio Visit 1999-(some crazy hair)

Lovercat at Freddy's Backroom - Tom Waits Tribute


Alexandra said...

Nice! Haven't seen you post in ages! I'm glad you posted before the deadline lol. Great sketches, and I hope to see more soon! :-D

Paul said...

I friggin love those homeless people!

Shalimar said...

You better... Welcome back. This is great, I love the photos of all the homeless people. Its so telling of society and the homeless community. I hope to see more of this!

Laz said...

I really love the stuff you posted. Especially the floating seniors. There's something really intense about it, something that draws me directly to it. Great Job! And post more, dangit, you have cool schtuff.

Shalimar said...

Dont comments just feel great.

Ernesto said...

yeah, you guys rock, I'll post more often.