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A Few Things

Today was an intense day, and I think Paul would agree. I have so much to say, but as usual I have a difficult time organizing my thoughts. I guess I am going to talk your ears off now.

First thing, Paul and I had a "Design Luncheon" which can be much better termed as a "student design trade show." The giant job interview orgy was pretty painful, mainly because we had to sit in the same chair for over three hours and explain ourselves and our work over and over and over and over.. you get the picture. I may be making it sound way worse than it was (but my ass hurts). We did get to speak to over 20 people in the design industry, the zoo-like environment didn't help, certain people just picked up the book and flipped through it as if it were a phone book and they were looking for Chinese food. Certain people we just wanted to send away, because they were either kind of rude or just not appropriate for what our talents are geared towards (Fashion? WTF). Out of the twenty-something people who we spoke to, I'd say about 5 were really worth talking too. Now we have to do some cold calling / cold emailing, which should be terrifying. After that fiasco, we roamed around the city for a few hours, then on to the Motion Graphics show. This wasn't as nuts as the GD Lunch, basically because there are significantly less students in the Mo-Graph program. The movie reel of everyones work was just awesome. I was very proud to see Paul's video work up there on the big screen. I can't even imagine the anxiety and excitement he felt. I felt it, and it wasn't even my work.
Good Job Paul!

On another note, someone blogged me! A gentleman named Matt sent me a message through Vimeo (The video website Paul and I used to upload our books and other work) asking me about my TwoMinABC project. He posted it on his blog, which is a blog kind of similar to ours. ( Because of his post, the views on my video went up from 2 yesterday to 156 today, and he called it fantastic! Which is much more than I think of it. Check out his blog, leave him some comments, you know the typical blog courtesy.

I've been listening to more of those podcasts that I recommended (Design Matters). And if you have the time, or the drive listen to the Chip Kidd interview. It was pretty interesting, I want to buy his book now. Now that I know what he does and where he comes from. His website, I dont think does his work any justice. Now I am listening to the interview with Carin Goldberg. She was at the GD Luncheon, but I didn't get to see her and I was not familiar with her work. I am now looking over website, and her work is pretty damn inspiring. She is one of the female-legend designers right up there will Paula Scher and Ellen Lupton.

I am also going to be updating the links section on the side there, so if there are any sites that you feel need to be up there, please email/IM/ or post them.


Alexandra said...

I'm so proud of you guys!


Paul said...

Aw. Thanks, shal. Whats the next step? Dying? I think it's dying.

Laz said...

Very cool guys, I'm very proud of you two as well!!!!


Alexandra said...

I just checked out Carin Goldberg's website... I really like her work! And it's amazing how much of her work we've seen all around us. Really iconic stuff. And her style is so broad... really dig it.