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Hello all you art mongers. Laz and I have been brain storming and we have decided that it would be a great idea to make a book about PID, for one to celebrate the birthday of PID and second to test out this service. So! If you want to be in the book, please get in touch with me (that wont be hard) and send me high res versions of the work you want appearing in the book. OK. I want to have this at least 75% done before the end of the week.


After talking about this project with a few people, we've decided that it would be better to make this a serious project, and I want to take a month or two to get it together and design it. The theme for the book will be derived from where I got the title of the blog from. 'partners in crime'. So the theme will be "criminal."

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Alexandra said...

Wow, that's such a cool idea! We're gonna be published! I'll definitely give you drawings from my end (evil grin). But how high res do you want the images? Is 300 dpi preferable? Lemme know!