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Better Halves of 'Heroes'

Not much to do at work today, so I apologize for going post crazy.. I did this quick imagery of Niki/Jessica from 'Heroes'. Why? The show rocks, they don the covers of EW this week, and Niki/Jessica needed some loving.


Shalimar said...

Oh no! *Ducks from the potential wave of Laz made fan photoshop art*

lol, this is great. Your good at this stuff you whore.

Alexandra said...

Yeah, it looks really good :-)

Jarold Guzman said...

it's not a great show... it's the greatest show EVER. 2 f'n episodes til the end of the season! groovy. Coincidentally I chose Heroes as my next assignmet so when I get that back I'll try to post it along with my last project I just got back. P.s. I don't like nikki >:( Peter could do better! too bad Claire's his niece :( lol