Partners In Design



So I've been spending most of the day boning up on some of the other blogs out there, and along the way, started getting really inspired by some of the statements that people say through their artform. Debbie Millman has a lot of that going on and I really felt moved to create some message-based work for the hell of it. In thinking of what to do, I thought I'd use my love for comic books and the stylistic qualities they display as a jumping point. Together with some very 50's ideals thrown in, I wanted to really make a message that contrasted itself with the energy that it was surrounded by.

I'll let them speak for themselves for now.


Lindsay said...

I like the first two, but the last one doesn't work as well.

Clever though.

Alexandra said...

I like them, especially the messages on each balloon.

Shalimar said...

these would make a fun poster series, maybe we can get ernie to print them. teehee

Paul said...

I don't get the last one.

Laz said...

The last one is VERY comic book esque. When someone uses profanity in comic books, it's presented in jibberish.. so it's really supposed to say "fuc& being happy!"