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BFA Computer Art Thesis Films Screening

Yesterday I went to the Computer Art dept.'s thesis film encore screening over at the Walter Reade Theater (across from Lincoln Center). I found the entire selection of films to fall into either the "really bad" or "freaking amazing" categories. Last year, the films as a whole were overall good, with a few bad ones and then there were the really extraordinary ones that make you cry because they are that good.

2007 postcard

Rounding out the 3D animation pack, Ryan Moran and James Dick's "The Big Upgrade" was well executed, with great animation and excellent technical achievements. Minchung Cho's "El Mono" was a really charming film, with amazing models and sets. Aside from a great stylized look, Sylvia Apostol's "A Faery's Tale" had a great twist ending. Han Hu's "The Kabob" had great animation and cute little characters you can't help but liking. Christopher Greener and Keny Polonski's "Birdie Blues" was reminiscent of the Ren and Stimpy style of anim ation, which automatically made me a fan. Stefania Gallico's "Deep 6" had a unique look, good animation, and an amazing soundtrack (I need to find that song she used because I want to bob my head to it forever). And last, but not least, was the film I animated on, Charles Zambrano's "Pretty Life". It's such an odd feeling, see your finished work up on a screen. The feeling never gets old. He did a really good job on the film, and I owe him a nice dinner ;-D

2006 postcard

Now, the dynamic media half was just as impressive with their work. Seung Li Hwang and Seung-Hyung Lee's "Office Mobius" blew my mind, it was cut like Fight Club, and had great yet subtle effects. Far from subtle was Makoto Sato and Atsuki's "Double Wink Pop", which featured a dildo next to a Hello Kitty alarm clock in the first second. Very well composited and attention-grabbing. Leslie Chung's "Carpe Noctem" had the Sin City, comic book look, but it was still very much her own. Her ending title sequence was also good eye candy. Jong Do Kim's "Senses" was visually intriguing (as well as semi-controversial, with a brief shot pulled from a porno) with amazing compositing. My favorite of the dynamic media films was "Microcosm" by Chad Sikora, which was so original and just fun to watch progress. His animation was great, as I couldn't really tell if it was all After Effects animation or 3D.

They usually put the best of the best on the SVA Computer Art website, but it takes a little while. I will put up another post when they put up this year's thesis films so you can take a peek. If you still want to look at past year's best of the best, here is the website. And no, my film didn't make the cut. It's still the source of some bitterness. But what can you do about it, except be bitter? Nothing.

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