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EW 'Heroes' Covers

Entertainment Weekly has chosen to (for the second time this year) put television's favorite mutants, the 'Heroes', on their cover this week. Before I go on, I must say, I've been really disapointed with EW's cover choices since it's redesign last year. The interior looks fantastic, but the covers just haven't popped. They haven't had the intensity they used to, and most of their cover shots have been borrowed studio shots from film special shoots. But latley, they've utilized their budget and have been taking shoots of their own, and the 5 collectors covers of this week show they're cover comeback. The 5 covers feature a chunk of the heroes in a group or duo shot, with some great photoshop work utilizing their powers or aspects of the show. I love what they did and want them all. Take a look and speak your mind!


Shalimar said...

I like these. There very fun and very satisfying to a fan of the show. In this case though I wish they would have used less type on the cover. Let the picture do that talking.

Alexandra said...

Yeah I agree. Less type, let us see more of our favorite mutants :-)

God I love this show!!!

Jarold Guzman said...

Claire, Peter n' Hiro are the best. the end.