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I don't need to go into the whole song and dance about this day and age, technology, the changing world, yada yada. We all know this, and know it well, mainly because we are the generation that grew up in this environment. The minute we encounter someone or the work of someone we have never met or never heard of, we immediately do what? We Google their asses. So it should be obvious that any prospective client, new acquaintance, new admirer will do the same to us.

Today, as I was leaving my apartment, I realized that I didn't bring anything to entertain me on the train, no iPod, sketch book, actual book. But after walking down the stairs, I was way to lazy to go back up. Luckily enough, there was someones delivered Wall Street Journal sitting there on the floor. So, of course I did what any good neighbor would do... I swiped it.
The article that inspired this post was caled "You're a Nobody, Unless Your Name Googles Well." This is something I sort of knew already, something that I think we all know. Nowadays, when we send out an email or make a cold call, if you get past the hard part and get someone to listen to you or express interest, the next thing that is inevitably going to happen, is that they are going to Google your name. And if you have absolutely no presence on the internet, that person or persons will become suspicious of who you are or what you've done in regards to your work as an artist.
I have been working to get my name as the first result on a search engine for the longest damn time. Since high school, but in high school I never really had a good reason. Now I definitely have a good reason to want to be on top. And thanks to my father, I have a pretty unique name, so I don't have too much competition in that area. Unlike Paul, when you Google his name the first page, which is of course the page that counts its all him, but when you continue to flip through the other pages, some strange obscure websites with other Paul Sahner's, which I really think should just be shot because they do not matter. We all Google pretty well. Laz, yours is a bit strange, you might want to fix that.

Well, that is my rant for today. Basically make sure your name Googles well, and that the first page is your website. And the description makes sense. I need to work on mine. I hope once my website is reworked it will all be kosher.


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Alexandra said...

Yeah when Googling my name, my website comes on top, then my deviantArt page which is empty lol, then my blogs, then PID, and even Shalimar's website pops up! How spiffy. Google is a marvelously weird thing.