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PID Book Update

Hello All,
I have been brain storming like mad for this book.
The photoshoot for the book will be this weekend right before my party (730ish). I was thinking of putting up some craft paper up in the hallway and taking pictures infront of that, or other interesting places around my building. Unfortunatley the roof has been put off limits since the last big storm due to collapsing ceilings. I encourage you to bring a prop, a toy gun, an eye patch, a pimp hat, whatever says "bad guy" to you. We can take it as far as you want. I have deemed Laz the photoshop master for this project and paul the photographer. Paul will be taking the pictures with his Camera of death and Laz will be photoshopping the photos and making them look super cool and make us look sexy. [Those of you who will not be at the party or who live in Arizona, if you want to be in the book, please take a high res picture of yourself, a nice clear headshot.]

I might be handing off jobs to each of you like i have with laz and paul as they become avaliable. The beginning of the book, I plan to have a masthead with all the credits to the design and photography. I want to draw my inspiration from the photos, so I will be waiting for those to begin a serious layout comp.

Another Idea i had will be an inspiration spead for each partner, if this idea fleshes out I will be asking all of you who are going to be a featured artist in the book to give me a CD or send me a zip with images, artists, quotes, (screengrabs) of websites and movies etc etc etc, of things that inspire you.

If any of you have any ideas for sections of visual cues of the book, please let me know.


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