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Steve Defrank

My first year at SVA, I was reluctantly introduced to the world of sculpture. Until the point that i was thrust into a world of three dimensions, i had only understood art on my own terms. I only saw my art as being a 2 dimensional representation of my thoughts and imagination. If not for being under the tutelage of a great sculptor, I would never had taken to the mediums and never reached a new level of potential. Because of this man, I was able to (in some cases begrudgingly) create and mold worlds I had never thought possible. And in thinking about this man this morning for some odd reason, I knew I owed him a great deal for opening me up and showing me possibilities I had ignorantly shied away from. I will always owe him my ability to think outside the box, figuratively and literally, and for being an inspiration without even trying. His last words to me before leaving his class will stick with me for years and years to come:

"Laz, I will say this. In my class you were a phoenix. You crashed and burned but then came to life and created some of the most inspired things I've seen in a long while from a student."

Thank you to Steve Defrank, a sculptor who has done some amazing work using "Lite Brights" pegs and lightboxes to create large lite bright paintings with social commentary themes and political messaging. Take a look, it's some really beautiful work in a very different medium.

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Alexandra said...

His work is very interesting. He must have the patience of a saint to put those pieces together. I'd love to see some of the work you made in his class Laz :-)