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The Jetsetting Poster Option

The following design was an option to give the initial design a different feel and dynamic. I would have liked to use it, but to format it to the packaging proved to be a little too much with the project deadline. If willing, it could be an option for a poster or a flyer to promote the band's album.


Paul said...

The visuals are just as strong as the original piece- but I'm not so sure I'm feeling the loose leaf thing. I have a few problems with it.

1) Loose leaf is a bit played out (for me) see it in a lot of places where the designer wanted a nice piece of ephemera to give it a 'homespun' feel.

2) It immediately feels 'photoshopped' and 'digital' to me, because the two sillouettes are solid red. Most pens and markers that one would use on such paper, would have a slight transparency to the ink. These just feel like two vector shapes plopped down

3) Unless the poster/flyer is going to be 8.5x11, I think the loose leaf "texture" will immediately lose it's touch. When an everyday object, which we KNOW the size of, is unaturally scaled up (lets say this was 11x17), it can look very strange unless it's on purpose as a macro design element.

As an example...I did this poster last year:
My biggest problem with it (and there are a few) is the texture in the background. This is a 40" poster, and that burlap texture is just WAY too big....I really should have come up with a way to tile it, because at that scaled size, it looks painfully photoshopped. I feel the same could happen to the loose leaf if it's scaled up in the wrong way.

Chase said...

I thought about the same thing concerning the size issue, but Paul already gave you that and a whole lot more haha :-)

By the way, what what was the final design like in the end?

Anonymous said...

I like your other concept better for the poster (black bkgd). And this one gives me a patriotic 4th of July feeling. Which is fine, but won't help me think of the band.

Laz said...

Yea, I totally agree with what everyone said for sure, which is most of the reason I didn't go with this option to begin with. The other theme worked much better with the concept and it just played out better in the end. I'll post the final graphic setup later tonight. It was a definite mix of all the elements.

This job was super rushed, so I could only do so much in the end, but was relatively happy with the end result.

But I agree with Paul's critique whole heartedly, and this design will be put in the trash bin of design ideas. lol.